This is a real post!

Wow, keeping up this blog posting lark during the summer holidays is hard….but I looked on our group blog the other day and noticed it had been about three weeks since anyone had posted. (That’s if you don’t count the mysterious viagra ads that have been popping up on the site occasionally – sorry!) This is even more worrying because we’re supposed to be gearing up for handmade market stalls and a christmas pop up shop/craft fair and if the lack of blogging is evidence of a lack of crafting then our stalls will be quite bare. Myself, I’ve been terribly busy, but haven’t produced much. Apart from cake…I’ve made lots of that! The other Crafty Muthas have been terribly busy too, making things for me. It was my fortieth at the beginning of the month and my incredibly generous friends made me a bounty of beautiful things which I will try and post here in future if they don’t.

So time for a catch up. Last time I posted (a whole month ago) I threatened to make penguins. And so… I give you penguins. Slightly twisted, a bit Tim Burton, not exactly cuddly but they appeal to me and they are made from the very best felted wool jumpers and scarves and some very nice buttons.

This is a real post!


I also tried out a little mouse for CM Nat’s daughter’s birthday. I was thinking the mice from Bagpuss when I cut her out and I was lucky to have wool for the tail that matched the cashmere felt. Little beads for eyes and a few strands of embroidery thread rubbed with a wax crayon for whiskers complete this mousey character.

This is a real post!


Finally I made this sweet little cushion for a friend of a friend. Not my style usually, but I was asked to make a cushion with a bear on for a baby girl called Christina and so that’s exactly what I did. I used some baby soft natural brushed cotton for the pillow and some vintage pink scraps for the bear. I part traced the bear outline from a picture on the internet and amended it a bit to get the look I wanted. Then I chain stitched the name and blanket stitched the bear in place.

This is a real post!


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  1. love the mousie – so touchable and huggable! Glad you enjoyed your birthday Jen – it was a fun night and I’ve redone your booze-addled charms again for you!! x

  2. Fab crafts Jen – love the Burton penguins, hope you had a happy birthday, thought you and the other muthas might be interested in, they sell a lot of hand made speciality items for way less of fee than ebay – just a thought.hope all are well. x x

  3. cheers mel, hardly a day goes by without a quick stop on etsy or the british counterpart folksy, mainly for inspiration, a rare purchase and maybe one day to open a shop. we’ll see. see you all soon. jenx

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