erin takes pictures


erin takes pictures

i know i knit and sometimes sew… and i can bake a cake, if i have a craving… but my real passion is photography.

i’m going to face my fear and go ahead and have a stall at an arts and crafts fair. but not just any fair… the premier weekend of the Handmade Market in the city centre of Birmingham! i don’t think nervous is even close to the right word to describe how i feel right now… but i’m trying my hardest to just ignore it.


as i say in my little flyer… please feel free to stop by and say hello! i’ll be selling small prints and postcards. i’ll have some prints framed too, if you feel like getting something ready to hang on your wall.

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  1. Had to work all day today (Community Midwife) – sorry that I missed the market in Birmingham. Hope it went well – where are you all selling next?I will pencil it into diary as I want to get some early Christmas shopping done!Deb

  2. Hi Deb,the handmade market will be on in Brum every weekend for now, next to the Bullring, just at the bottom of the hill where St Martins meets the rag market, in the pedestrianised area. Crafty Muthas will be having a stall there hopefully over the weekend of 25th/26th September. We’re all busy making for then so keep an eye on the blog for updates! Hope you’re all well. jenx

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