new school satchel

there’s something about September that I really like.  whether it’s because it’s the month of my best friend’s birthday (happy birthday today Sam!), or whether it’s when I can officially welcome thick black tights and boots back into my life I’m not certain.  Perhaps it is intrinsically linked with the start of a new term, but whatever it is I relate more to a new start in Septembe than the beginning of January.  Maybe it has more to do with my own birthday being two weeks into the start of the new year, so any resolutions resolutely get backdated to after then and any overindulgence that goes with celebrating…..?!

whatever.  So here we are on the first day of term, and my big little girl has bounded home after her first day in year two full of new names and covered in stickers and full of the joys of being 6.  bliss.  and tomorrow my baby goes over the threshold for the first time, even if it is only an hour this time and the inevitable is postponed until next Monday. (sigh)  Where did that time go?  My gorgeous niece starts school on Wednesday too and I can’t believe it.  Makes me want to appreciate the time with them all the more while they are still young enough to want to spend time with us!

So, with reflection of the summer and things I have created comes a looking forward to the season ahead too.  The gallery has some highlights for me of what I’ve made over the past 2 months, including the shrinkie plastic charm bracelet for cm Jennie’s landmark birthday, together with the “novel” idea (see what I did there?!) of bunting from the pages of Pride and Prejudice.  It was somewhat serendipitous that after purchasing the book from the local mind shop I re-discovered the characters of Mr & Mrs Collins in the pages!  Happy days!  Also pictured are the dahlias I made for my sister and sister-in-law(ish).  A soft sophisticated pale grey for Nini, with iris-grey pearls in the centre to go with the cashmere wristlets I knit for her (need to get photos as forgot) while she was up in cool Edinburgh (which of course ended up being sub-Saharan this summer….!).  and a mediterranean blue for Stef, with coral beads to complete the marine theme.

The green bracelet was part of a set I made for my BF Sam, who got to unwrap them today.  They are very much her colours, calm and collected!  The other pieces I have made in anticipation of our sales ventures at the Handmade Market on 26 September down by the rag market.  Do come and have a browse if you can – and whatever you do support the independent designer-makers!  Every Saturday and Sunday.

I love the red scarf – it’s a cashmere merino mix with acrylic for washability and I think it looks so lovely on.  I’m going to do a matching pair of wristwarmers in case someone wants to buy the set.  I am in the midst of a slouchy hat in charcoal grey for Mr S that was an IOU at |Christmas time – he has been very patient…but the circular needle I was using broke in the middle of a row last night, so I have a date with Harold tonight to try and fix it (that’s arald-ite!).  Tillie’s blanket continues and I am delighted I am over half way now and confident I will finish it for Christmas!  I take it when I watch the girls swimming, and manage 3- 4 rows a session, and even took it to a 1st birthday party on Saturday too!  Sad, but determined!

I am, as usual, fired with enthusiasm for 100 different new projects to try, and the girls and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago stabbing cloves into oranges to make pomanders for Christmas.  I remember doing it with my Mum when I was little, and despite them not liking the smell(!) it was a lovely shared moment (til they scarpered to watch scooby doo and left me and my sore thumb desperately filling all the gaps!

I have a wonderful book Mr S got me for my birthday called “Homemade” by Ros Badger and Eslpeth Thompson, and the projects inside are truly sigh-inducing.  The clove-pomanders were in there, as were the little felt flowers I made into slides and bobbles in the photo second from last, and I made Bank Holiday Chutney too (you’ll never guess when!).  This book, together with Homemade Gifts by Nicki Trench and my lovely Zakka sewing one have been sources of inspiration lately and I am dying to try some sewing projects inspired by them.  I have even bought my batting to pad items out – all I need now is…………………more time!

Keep on crafting xx

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  1. nice ascot! and lovin the colours on the fab dahlias. and what can i say about the chain and bunting? brilliant, original birthday pressies. love them. thank you. jenx

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