rocking and rolling and what not

well I have been hard at it this week, desperately crafting late into the night before Sunday’s next selling adventure!

I have made some more cute pencil rolls in a Kokeshi doll fabric, and little autumn leaves, to go with the cowboy one shown in the photo.  I just think they’d make a lovely little gift for children as my girls have used theirs non-stop since I made them for our holidays.  It’s so convenient to pop one into my handbag when we’re off to watch one of them swimming so the other can happily amuse herself at the side of the pool with a colouring book and all the pencils are together in one place!

Inspired by a conversation with my friends Gisella and Clare back in summer, I am attempting some make up rolls too, to keep your essentials together in your handbag – like a mascara, pencils, lippie and a brush perhaps.  Will keep you posted on how they turn out – have some delectable bathing beauties fabric to try out!

Next I have been making some more little teeny felt flowers to put on hairclips and bobbles. They are the easiest thing to do:  simply cut a piece of felt with pinking shears (so the three edges are straight and the top looks like a picket fence) – about 3cm tall and 10cm wide.  Then using straight scissors snip down each dip inthe picket fence about 2cm deep all the way along so you have what looks like grass!  cut another strip about 1cm by 6cm in a contrasting colour and then wind it up to form the centre of the flower.  Take the frondy piece and wind it aound the outside of the centre bud and secure with some stitches.  Fan out your petals and voila – a little flower in less than five minutes!  My girls loved making these and I sewed some onto elastics for bobbles, and glued some onto a barrette and individual ones onto clips.  Tres cute.

Also pictured are some of the jewellery pieces I’ve been trying out.  I made a whole bunch of more button and bead earrings and rings last night, plus a few more “lariat” style necklaces using chain, pandora-style beads and charms, but need to upload those pictures.

Really looking forward to the Handmade Market on Sunday down by Birmingham’s rag market.  We need to be there around 10 to set up, so early to bed on Saturday night methinks!  Come on down if you’re passing, or make a special visit if not, as there’ll be plenty of gorgeousness to be seen and come and see the crafty muthas stall.  If you tell us “I love Bearwood” there might even be a surprise gift in it for you……!


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