every day is like monday morning

the days are just disappearing in a blur of banana bread, p.e. kits, school runs, snatched conversations, cold coffee and bedtime stories. in between i’m desperately trying to make things for the weekend handmade birmingham (http://handmadebirmingham.com/) stall. i felted some wool jumpers a while back so i’ve been cutting and stitching like crazy. here’s a small taster of what i’ll be bringing to the crafty muthas’ stall on sunday.


every day is like monday morning


more owls from the wood and more corsages/ brooches.

every day is like monday morning

cushions are half finished and i’ll let you have a sneak peek tomorrow hopefully.


it would be lovely to see lots of friendly faces at the stall on sunday. please tell your friends, colleagues and families to pop down, bring some spending money and make a start on the christmas presents. handmade birmingham is providing a home to some fantastic designer makers and they really need your support. we can all make birmingham a more interesting place to live and shop if we support the unique talents of local producers and give the big chains a miss every now and then. sorry, lesson over for today. a small person needs food so i’ll get back to my real job.

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  1. hi jules, felting or ‘fulling’ is the process of turning knitted wool into a uniquely textured material similar to felt. sounds technical huh? basically if you’ve ever ruined a wool jumper in the wash, don’t despair…it can be cut up and re-used and because the fibres have fused together it won’t fray – which makes it great for crafting. i generally buy or get given old jumpers (100 per cent wool, especially cashmere or mohair is best) machine wash them in soapy water with an agitator (dryer ball or pair of jeans will do) on warm/hot wash and allow to dry. it is a bit hit and miss, with mixed results but i’m addicted to it.

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