roll up roll up

so here is the gorgeous pin up girlie make up roll, and the new pencil rolls with kokeshi doll print and autumn leaves.  Cute, huh?

I am going to be selling the pencil rolls with pencils in, and the make up rolls empty for people to fill with their own handbag essentials.  Hope people like them.  I’ve just rediscovered the flames and skulls fabrics I got in the summer so I may knock up one of each of those if I get a chance…

Also pictured are the fabric baskets I made at the weekend.  I can just see them filled with cotton buds or cotton wool balls, or like ours is, collecting all the hair clips and bobbles that get pulled out and don’t make it back into the drawer upstairs….!  Other uses could be loose change or keys, phone cosy, pen/paperclip holders – the choices are endless.  I love them and I hope you do too.

and then there’s some of the organza corsages which I am still finishing off.  I do think they’re pretty darn cute, and will probably make some larger ones as well for the Christmas fair. 

And then there’s my old friends, the Julie Walters dahlias.  I named them for the Bearwood picnic in the park where Julie Walters is patron of the Warley Woods Trust, and each colour is named after a character she has played.  The feisty pink is Petula, after one of my all time favourites, Petula Gordino from dinnerladies, and I think I’m going to call the blue one Sheila after her character in My Beautiful Son.  The photo doesn’t do the pink one justice – it’s practically fluroescent!

Commissions taken if anyone has a favourite colour they’d like a dahlia in, or combination of fabrics for rolls or baskets! Come and see us on Sunday on Edgbaston Street! 

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