12 weeks today…

is my daughter’s birthday – oh, and Christmas.  So all my preparations need to be finished WAY before then (gulp!)…

At this rate I am slowly panicking as it’s taking me longer than I’d like to finish things once I’ve started them.  Add into the mix that between then and now I have 1. smallest daughter’s 4th birthday (which ought to mean a proper party as she hasn’t had one yet and now has legitimate friends of her own….!) and I want to make her a Peter Pan costume and a cake as she is currently obsessed with him and insists she is going to marry him, 2. 2 weddings, including my cousin’s where I have offered to make around 20 organza corsages which involves cutting many layers, singeing them over a flame and sewing together with sequins and adding safety pins to the back…, 3. our very own Handmade Christmas in Bearwood fayre on 20 November, for which I would like to make gazillions of new things, plus all the prep that will entail in planning it, 4. my Mum’s birthday, 5. Mr Crafty’s birthday, 6. my goddaughter’s birthday (present bought, wrapped and handed over, but plan on making her an “Everything’s Rosie” doll from cbeebies for Christmas, so back into the mix she goes!), 7. my niece’s birthday just after Christmas, 8. my brother’s 30th, again, just after Christmas day….. oh and in the middle of all that me and Mr Crafty have been together 20 years (you get less for murder, he can often be heard to cheerfully mutter (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!))…
so there we have it – no cleaning in the house, kids barely washed, clothed and fed, Mr Crafty fed up, a never-empty dining room table and no interest in my proper work for next 12 weeks…..
so on the basis of a small scarf taking me on average 3 nights to complete, but wristwarmers longer, perhaps I need to focus my attentions on sewn goodies? I am going to make some doorstops for the fayre, and have some beeyootiful fabric in babycord and denim to do that on order.  I have also ordered some plain wooden hanging heart decorations which I intend to paint and maybe add some detail for children to hang on the tree and leave a message for Father Christmas – trying to decide between blackboard paint and a piece of chalk or a peg so they can attach a note…what’s the consensus?  Here’s the blank heart for inspiration:

10 Wooden Hearts 9.5cm /TAGS CRAFT HOBBY 

Also want to make a bunch of gift tags for Christmas – have lots of lovely papers and embellishments, and can offer people the opportunity for me to personalise them with initials or specific colours.  Better clear a weekend to get that lot started too….!
Ok off now to clear the decks so I can come in to Birmingham tomorrow to visit Sausage-Cats stall on Handmade Birmingham market, and check out Erin’s photographs again on Sunday.  If you’re in town and trying to dodge Tories from the conference, you could do worse than heading down to the Rag Market and checking out the best handmade goodies that Birmingham has to offer x

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  1. wow ceri, your to-do list gave me a headache just reading it! i can’t decide on the heart conundrum…i’m more of a blackboard paint person (surprise?!) but i can see the peg idea would be very cute. do both!? was also thinking that to help you out, at our next crafty muthas/tapestry meeting we should do the cutting for those organza corsages. cutting organza is such a pain!

  2. <div>oh Ceri can see why you are panicing a bit!! Like the blackboard paint idea for the hearts think you go with that.</div> <div>Any help needed let me know</div> <div>Jayne<br><br></div>

  3. Update – 6 gorgeous fabric doorstops made, one no knot scarflette and matching wristwarmers in dappled grey knitted! Hall booked for 4 year old’s party and felt purchased to make her Peter Pan tunic! All will be well! x

  4. Oh, love the blackboard paint and chalk idea! You’ll pull the whole shebang out of the hat Ceri, you always have so much energy – am forever in awe of what you achieve! Jo x

  5. Hi Ceri x Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment i also have another blog which you might like http://clareclarescreations.blogspot.com/also ive just made a few wooden hearts and some chalk board ones..so i would like to share with you a little tip..if you have a B&M bargains shop near..in there they sell the childrens chalk/blackboard wall stickers at just £1.49..its self adesive so its quicker than waiting for the paint to dry!!Good luck with all you got to do….if only there was more hours in the day..hugs clare speak soon x

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