door stop moving to that funky funky beat

just a brief note to upload some photos that have been languishing on my camera.  The doorstops look cute don’t they?  I made 6 in one evening last week but sense prevailed and I only filled the one for now!  It will be easier to store 5 flat ones until I need to fill and sew them up, I figured!

The other pic is of my rock chick make up rolls.  I sold the skull one at the Handmade Birmingham market, but have a commission to make another so will crack on with that next week.

PLenty on the go at the moment – mohair wristwarmers in hot pink, a wristwarmer in plum (one done, one to go!), Tillie’s baby blanket (3/4 way finished now yay!), some egg cosies, various flowers, a crochet bag and many many projects I’d love to have a go at….

Oh and those wooden hearts arrived and were wee!  Too wee for writing a massive missive to Father Christmas on, so I’ve found some bigger ones and ordered them for that – will do something else with these boys.

Been seeking inspiration for my Christmas presents from lovely brochures I can’t afford to shop from, so just off now to try and find a cheap half used scrabble set from the local chazza shops to do a picture for Mr Crafty for his birthday…! night night x

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