I Heart Gingham (you didn’t know that did you ?)

My dining room is  covered in bits of felt, gingham and ribbon, and as lovely as it looks, I thought I would step away from the sewing box and come and write up in the sanctuary of my bedroom.

With only 19 days…..19 DAYS I SAID, left until our fabulous Handmade Christmas Market (St Mary’s Church, Bearwood, 10 – 4pm 20th Nov)…..I am sure I can hear the clicking of knitting needles and the snipping of scissors all across Bearwood…or maybe it’s just ringing in my ears.  I am so excited and with only two of my best friends birthdays between now and the market there is nothing else to stop me from crafting my little heart out each night.

I have popped a few snaps on, the first is the heart bunting I am making to sell, which I personally adore, it just looks so cute up on the fireplace.  The cake I made for my in-laws as a gift for their Silver Wedding celebrations and CM Rachel, chief cake maker gave it the thumbs up too, which i have to say made me very proud.  The last snap is my crop of my gorgeous pickled onions ready to sell and be munched over the festive period,

I am a total sucker for Christmas, it is without doubt my favourite time of year, and having our very own christmas market to plan and make for is making it all the more exciting.

So, make sure you come along and have a mince pie or two with us. x

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  1. you did indeed hear the clicking of knitting needles… i’ve just finished another pair of wrist warmers (in one day!) and i’m trying an experiment with knitted cuffs. but now it’s bed time! and oh yes, nat, the bunting is seriously fab! 🙂 xoxo

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