second star to the right then straight on til morning

well the Peter Pan party has come and gone, and I could do with a lie down!

  The cake came out more or less as I’d hoped (clearly not as perfectly as it would have if CM Rach had been in charge, but well enough for my slatternly standards!), and madam loved it, which is the most important thing.  I faffed around drawing and then cutting out the trees and cut out of Lula for the top on Saturday night as the girls and their cousin had a sleepover in their room(!).  Then painted the silhouette on with nat’s black edible ink and was glad not to smudge it!  Pretty pleased when it all came together around 10.30pm!

  I also made every child (um, just around 40!) a chocolate biscuit in the shape of Peter pan’s hat and iced on a red feather and put them in cello bags with a note from the party girl thanking them for coming, all finished off with red curling ribbon to secure.  They were a bit scrappy looking but i was banking on 4 year olds not being too judgemental, especially when it comes to sweet treats!

  Sadly I forgot to take a photo of them, or the inside of the cake, which was totally inspired by CM Erin’s rainbow cake for Ellie’s 3rd.  The cut through looked great, but I was cutting under pressure as people were starting to leave so no time to grab the camera!!  hey ho, just IMAGINE how cool a mulicoloured layer sponge would look and we’ll all be happy!

  And then there’s the birftee girl herself – all dolled up like ….. Peter Pan!  Who else?  “I am in love with Peter Pan – I’m going to marry him!” she declared.  So I drew around her on the floor on the felt, and fashioned a belt and the hat before adding a red feather for the finishing touch!  Next stop Neverland!

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  1. Ceri that cake was a total triumph babe, really clever, and the cookies, well i managed to lick a crumb of gabes plate. xx

  2. cheers love – am pleased with it, but not a patch on the one I was inspired by, which in turn was inspires by Su Blackwell’s cutouts x

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