bags before my eyes = bags under my eyes

well I am feeling a little like a bag lady at the moment, and anyone who spied me out in the ‘wood today might have thought I was the eccentric old lady who pulls her trolley along behind her yelling obscenities at the sky….

in truth however the bags in question for the purpose of this post are the ones I have been feverishly making in anticipation of next weekend’s Handmade Christmas in Bearwood.  On Thursday I cut out the fabric for 6 bags, and in the absence of any kindly elves, set about sewing them together myself once all were ensconced in bed that night, finishing number 6 at 1am and crawling into bed next to the snoring 4 year old who was already on my pillow. 

Friday night I took up the baton again and cut out and made a new one with fabric from Bearwood’s own The Cherry Tree (the little peacock feather evening bag, which is so dinky and just the right size for a little purse, phone, keys and lippie!).  Then this morning I cut out the city skyline one, which was a large pillow case, and the little messenger bag with flap and pockets on the inner flap.  This was a bit more tricky, and isn’t meant to be lined, so I don’t think I’ll make anymore like that for now, as I prefer the neat finish a lining gives. Still, the flap covers most and the extra long strap means it looks pretty sweet on.

Have a few more I’d like to make – a jumbo tote in the bright floral Ikea fabric, and maybe a few little children’s totes.  But for tonight back to a few DS/PSP cosies and maybe a pencil roll or two to replace my depleted stock due to a few birthdays.  I found a great stockist online last night (yes, note to self, what were you doing on computer ordering wool you don’t need, much less have space for, at midnight?! Idiot woman!) – ribbonmoon.  I was looking for extra large snap fasteners for the bags just to give them a little security, and this place had them, plus so much more!  Restrained myself quite well, but still hoping the parcel arrives before Mr S on Monday….!

Had a good few hours out in the crisp sunshine with the girls today though away from the sewing machine.  Lightwoods Park in Bearwood (and Lightwoods House and the Shakespeare Garden within it) has finally been transferred back into Sandwell Council’s control from Birmingham after many years of campaigning.  It’s in a dire state at the moment, but a community consultation today was really well attended (helped considerably by the free fairground rides for the kids outside – couldn’t get mine off it!), and it was great to see Bearwood Sure Start there doing fab things with the kids – we planted some daff bulbs in beakers and the girls made dreamcatchers out of CDs and feathers which looked amazing. 

Everyone who I spoke to about the Handmade Christmas was enthusiastic – many were saying “oh yes I’ve had a flyer – it’s on my fridge to remind me” and “I don’t live round here but I think I’ll come back next Saturday now”!  There seems to be an influx in all things Bearwood and creative at the moment, so watch your back, Moseley!

Big thanks to local councillor Bob Piper for bigging up the Handmade event next Saturday on his blog and a mention in the local bulletin leaflets both online and delivered by hand – there’ll be a bag of Rachel’s butter tablet waiting for you when you come in to see us Bob!!

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  1. update: made another small bucket bag and cut out the large floral tote – them DS cozies will just have to wait….night night!

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