christmas wreaths : round two


well i’m finally done with the wreaths and another crisp, sunny morning has allowed me to photograph my finished offerings.


as i said before, these are less sparkle, more homespun, warm and snuggly,


if snowballs can be snuggly. boy these pompoms were a pain to get attached. snapped many strands of cotton attempting to tie them on, a lot of swear words were muttered, and my mood wasn’t helped by the johnny cash album i had on. a tad too depressing even for me. still brilliant mind, just the wrong choice for this particular tuesday.


enough of that anyway, poinsettias for the final two. still a bit of tinkering to do with all of them. i just can’t stop. hope you like them anyway. i’m off to put some uplifting christmas tunes on.


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  1. ooh love the red one at the top – and the heart one! All gorgeous Jen. Leave the man in black off the playlist for now! Get Junior Senior on instead!

  2. Nice work. I like the White one with the pom poms on personally. You’re getting good at this. Johnny Cash though on a bright winter morning? Hmm sounds like we’re all gonna be for it tonight!

  3. Jen – they are all soooooo beautiful. Proud to be one of the first owners! May you dress many a door in bearwood. Can’t wait for Saturday……

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