labour of love

in amongst the frenetic activity surrounding these Christmas craft fairs and handmade markets, I somehow managed to complete a project which I had had on the go since around the beginning of the year.

When I was told my wonderful friend Kate was pregnant, I was overjoyed, and desperate to make something extra special for her and Paul’s baby, as it was sure to be extra special too. But what to make?  They both have very defined tastes, and I wanted to make something that would last and not become dated.  Not knowing the little bean would turn out eventually to be our sweet Tillie, I had to be careful with colours, and not choose something too girlie or boyish, not too garish, but rather something natural.

When I found this wool in the mecca that is the Tame Sewing Centre on Cape Fear Hill I knew it was right for Kate’s baby.  As I started the blanket (from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch and Bitch) I could see it was quite holey, so I undid it and started again with double strands, and the resultant fabric is gorgeously dense and soft, warm and cosy.  I really hope she’s gonna love it in years to come.  It’s just the right size for a pram/buggy now; for a snuggly to drag about like Linus in Snoopy; or for wrapping dolls in when she’s a bit bigger. 

It’s already seen some sights – it’s been to many a swimming lesson at Thimblemill pool, to a few birthday parties (yes, I can be anti-social – stop standing on my wool, small child!), to the Bearwood Tapestry and to anywhere where I thought I might squeeze in a few rows, as they were taking me around 10 minutes a time!

It reminds me a bit of Monet’s palette, so I am going to call it Claude (and not just because it might have been if I hadn’t discovered one of the cats making a beeline for it in the attic last night…).

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