summer lovin’

my bones ache with the cold.  i barely remember the summer.  but look, it did exist and it was sunny and warm and colourful.  i have these photos to prove it.

summer lovin'

ladybird on scout’s shoulder in warley woods.

summer lovin'

daisies in victoria park, smethwick.

summer lovin'

swan on edgbaston reservoir.

summer lovin'

sonny and jez, newlyn, cornwall.

summer lovin'

scout with our homegrown potatoes.

summer lovin'

flowers at sandwell valley country park.

if you think its strange that i’m posting pictures of summer on the very evening we’ve put up the advent calendar, just understand that on thursday, me and the other crafty muthas will be beyond cold… freezing our knitting fingers off at the Christmas arts & crafts Market at St Philips Cathedral, in birmingham city centre.  i’m just trying to think warm happy thoughts.  perhaps it will stop snowing and the temperatures will soar to, i don’t know, 0 degrees?  anyway, if you happen to be working or shopping in the area, come and warm us up with a friendly smile.  we’ll have lots of snuggly hand knits and christmas decorations on the stall and it’s the last chance you’ll have to buy them this year.  ’tis the season after all. 

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  1. hi deb, we’ll be there from 9 til 6 tho i won’t be there in the afternoon – i’m minding the crafty kids! wrap up warm. jenx

  2. when i said it was the last chance, i meant almost the last chance…we’re having our (probably) last stall at kings heath primary school on friday evening. more details to follow. jenx

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