happy new year, we’re still here

been a bit quiet on the old blog lately but i imagine, just like me, the crafty muthas have been taking a break from the interwebs over the christmas holidays and spending some quality time with their families, eating, drinking and making merry.  actually i saw them all on new year’s eve and they were doing all of those things, a little too well in some cases!  personally i had a lovely, restful time with just enough craftiness beforehand to make me feel virtuous but not enough to leave me completely exhausted.


happy new year, we're still here

the first thing i did this year was christmas cards. the first batch (for school) were recycled from the cards we got last year. my six year old drew round cookie cutter shapes and we cut them out, punched a hole and threaded sparkly string on them. then he wrote out nearly 40 cards beautifully, even changing the message occasionally. we had a lovely christmassy afternoon, the sort of mother and son thing you read about on blogs all the time. but this actually happened  – and in my house at that. i was very proud of him. and the little one wrote her name on all 40 of her cards for nursery too, didn’t even take a break. she’s a three year old writing machine. it wasn’t until i came to address them all for her that i remembered what a totally arduous task it is and my writing by the end was pretty rough, whereas hers improved with practice.  its depressing really to think i’m all done practicing and that i just have increasingly bad handwriting to look forward to.  

happy new year, we're still here


anyway enough of that (my mind wanders a lot too). my other cards (for sending to friends and family) looked like this. some people actually got last years cards because i made an extraordinary amount last year but didn’t take any photos. the ones above were super simple and very pleasing to make.  crafty nat had given me a bit of this fabric and i’d bought the little felt reindeers in a well known high street stationers (it was osbourne’s actually). i don’t normally buy card embellishments but i can’t pass a reindeer in the run up to christmas and these were much cheaper than the real thing. i just used pinking shears and good old double sided tape to stick it all down. again a lovely afternoon, on my own mostly, listening to sufjan stevens and drinking baileys coffee. perfect.

happy new year, we're still here


my most favourite make for christmas was this. a poppy garland for my gorgeous 3 month old niece, poppy. ripped the general shape of the poppy from lupin. used a glue gun to stick them onto the ribbon and just glued a small disc of red felt over that to cover my stitches and make them look tidy. i hung the garland on my wardrobe door and the cheery brightness of the poppies made my heart leap every time i walked into the room.  seriously.  i think we all need poppies in our lives maybe.

happy new year, we're still here


or perhaps its nuts we need. well i certainly love a nut and i hope everyone i know does because that’s mostly what everyone else got. i used this recipe but added chilli flakes because i like things to have a kick. i love this recipe because you can change it to suit your tastes once you’ve got the basic, simple technique. i used walnuts and pecans because thats what worked best in my test run but hazelnuts and almonds are good too.

happy new year, we're still here

i also made a tea cosy for my mother-in-law but failed to get a decent pic, a cushion for my sister-in-law (ditto) and gave away some lavender bags and mini owls. to accompany the nuts were white chocolates with cranberry, coconut and pistachio, some pine nut biscuits which tasted lovely on the day though i’m not sure how well they lasted and sugar encrusted cinnamon stars for the kids. after all that i’d only burnt one tray of biscuits and one finger.

you may have noticed that i’ve cracked the links thing. i no longer have to put the whole ugly url address thing in – i can just write what i’m linking to, thanks to my lovely husband who just worked it out for me. so from now on i’m going linking loco (sorry, trying to alliterate at this late hour is hard).

next time – a bumper birthday bonanza.  so many people have birthdays at this time of year. bloomin’ nuisances, the lot of ’em! 

and one day soon i’ll get around to posting all the fantastic, beautiful, thoughtful gifts that i received in 2010. hopefully before 2011 is over.

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  1. well done Jennie on seizing the mettle! I have been intending to blog all Christmas, and have even downloaded my photos, but here we are and it’s still a good intention..!That recipe for the nuts was so inspired – thank you! It was easily my most thanked-for present I gave! x

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