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well hello there, come on in, as Miranda would say. And a Happy New Year to you too.

As Jen has so rightly said, life took over in December and I barely even checked my hotmail, let alone Facebook or the blog…  As I’ve said before, it’s a manic month in our house (even more than usual), but looking back with rose-tinted tinsel-framed spectacles, I can say it was pretty darn good!

We were very lucky to have such generous gifts in the house – handmade and shop bought, edible and the other kind!  We also had some lovely news on Christmas Day with the announcement from the Evans household that my baby brother has gone and grown up and asked his lovely girlfriend to marry him – and she only went and said yes!  Lucky really, as I have had a hat ready for ages Just kidding

I thought I would just try and get some photos up on here of things I made for Christmas and Christmas birthdays before I forget.  The first was a cowl for my de-lightful friend Ms DeRight!  I used the wool I had left over from making a baby blanket for her little Tillie for Christmas and I love the way the colours stripe against the background of the zig zag in the pattern.  It was very satisfying to do once I’d frogged the first two attempts (!) and I think I’d like to make some more soon. 

The corsages were a commission procured for me by Nat and were very specific about the colour schemes and just two layers of petals. The jury’s still out for me on this variation from the original, but the recipient was pleased, so the customer is always right!

The scottie dog fabric came out again for some presents commissioned by a friend of mine for her daughter – a cushion for her bed and a matching tote bag.  The cushion was my first so I was a bit apprehensive, but I like the way it came out – backed by suede donated by Nat so very tactile.  The fabric baskets were also made to order.  I made some other jewellery pieces and fabric baskets and ds cosies, but in my excitement at finishing them on time I think i forgot to take photos….

I was looking back through my photos when uploading these and couldn’t remember if I’d posted the photo of the cake Rachel helped me to make for some friends’ wedding in the summer.  It was a triumph of all proportions and extremely yummy to boot – just loved sticking those Cadburys bournville fingers on – yum! 

Back in the crafting groove now – made a lovely frilly scarf while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks (only reason to stay in the room while it was on the TV! Winking smile ) and some wristwarmers – will post again when uploaded photos.

In the meantime, wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2011 and happy birthday to Scout today x


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