obsessed with knitting


to say that i am obsessed with knitting is an understatement. not only did i knit my fingers to the bone in the run up to our christmas craft fairs, but i also continued to knit into the holidays and through the new year. it’s gotten to the point that i feel strange if i’m sitting down without any knitting needles in my hands. and i’m even thinking about using one of my many notebooks strictly for jotting down all sorts of knitting scribbles and ideas.

now, because i knit sooo many things to sell and give away as gifts, all but one of the projects featured in this post are for me. how cheeky is that? so without further ado…


i knit myself 2 hats. both are very roomy, as i have quite a large head and bucket loads of hair. i’ve barely ever found a hat to fit me… and then i overestimated on these, so they are both too big. i still love them to pieces. and hey, it gives me an excuse to knit them again, adjust the pattern, and take notes in my knitting notebook! aha! both of these hats are based on several patterns on Ravelry.



i also knit myself a neck warmer. it’s called Tudora, and the pattern can be found on Knitty. i doubled up on the yarn with this pattern, to make it more sturdy.


and finally, i did knit something for someone else. my very patient husband asked me to knit him some fingerless mittens. he works from home and the little office tends to get very very cold during the winter months. he wanted to have ones that went over his knuckles, to keep them warm as he taps away on his computer. he seems a very happy and satisfied customer!

(you can find any extra details on all these projects on Ravelry, where my username is erinpower.)

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  1. love these pics Erin – the detail in the brown neckwarmer photo second from last is stunning. really subtle cables x

  2. thank you so much ladies! such lovely comments… and mere minutes after posting to the blog! makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

  3. Love all of them Erin. But my fave is the hat you knitted from the wool Ceri gave you! Such a lovely design!! Am excited about your knitting classes at the new-to-be-opened C.O.W. 😉

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