This weekend was a long awaited couple of days with my sister in the big smoke (sans enfants!).

  First stop, Liberty’s of London! I swooned around the haberdashery floor, fondling wool and fabric and swooning even more at the price) before settling on some kaffe fassett hand dyed wool.  By the end of Saturday night I had figured out the crochet ripple pattern which has been bugging me for over a year – thanks entirely to Attic 24 and her amazing tutorial.  This little lot has only taken me about 2 hours to get this far and I am thinking I will make myself a scarf out of the skein I have as it’s too expensive to make something to sell, at £13 a pop…. 

  So many gorgeous colourways it was difficult to choose just one, but the new me decided I needed to knit one first before buying another at that price, so maybe I am on the road to salvation as far as my stash is concerned….  the jury’s out!

Bearwood Tapestry – more photos

apologies for the delay but I have only today downloaded my photos from the first anniversary party!

  Here are some more memories of the night – including some of Shan’s handiwork – knitted and glass! Fun times x

  See you at the next one on 17th March x

Bunting Mania

So here I am, ultra chilled listening to the new Arcade Fire album with my new sewing machine out. 
I have to blog about this momentous occasion in my crafty life as i have never really made anything but squares on my sewing machinE, well one square, a cushion for my husband. 
So i decided to move onto other shapes…triangles.  I actually managed to cut out 20 Triangles of the same size, which in itself is astonishing to me, sewed em up and  the finished result is my first set of Gingham bunting.  I am so happy with myself.  So happy I went onto a famous auction site, and bought twenty quid’s worth of Gingham to make metres and metres of bunting…i have a bit of a thing for Gingham, and bunting so how can i go wrong….shoot to a month later … I AM SICK TO DEATH OF BUNTING….AND GINGHAM…..NEVER I SAY.
I have made other things in the last couple of months since the frenzy of our handmade christmas in Bearwood, but was so relaxed that i forgot to take pictures.  So i hunt down said items, photograph and post on my next blog.
I hope the first 2 months of 2011 have been fabulous for you all, and we will see you at either the next Tapestry in march or at our Spring Fair on April 9th…..Nat xxxx


spotty not grotty

truth be told i’m spotty and pretty grotty but the garlands i’ve been working on lately have not an ounce of grot about them, just lots and lots and lots of spots. i thought i’d show you the process for a bit of a change and to demonstrate how to sew ‘gaps’ using baking paper. do you know what i mean? bear with me, i’m not feeling at my most articulate but i need to get this post out of my draft box because its been taunting me since december.


so i started off cutting out lots of felt circles from my stash of felt. i have loved making these garlands lately because i’ve used lots of felt over the years and keep all but the teensiest tiniest remnants in a large bag in what used to be my dining room. this is the perfect way of making sure those scraps don’t go to waste. for this project (which was for cm ceri’s eldest daughter) i went with a colour theme of pinks, purples and whites but the colour combos are endless, obviously. You could of course buy pre-cut felt circles or other shapes for that matter but a) it’s more expensive b) they’re too uniform for my liking and c) i’m never gonna use up my stash if i keep buying more stuff.

you just tear the paper off the thread. ha ha. love it. you get a double thread that keeps your garland feeling a little bit more robust than it would with a single thread and you end up with a lovely pretty garland. now unfortunately the light has been oh so bad and my camera just seems oh so small when it comes to taking beautiful pictures of garlands and so i’m sharing my inspiration with you. this pic has been all over the internet for ever and i love it.


you’ll notice this garland doesn’t actually have the ‘gappy’ bits. i’ve made garlands since without the gappy bits and i actually prefer them – plus i don’t waste baking paper. i love baking paper. is that weird? especially the white baking paper i got before christmas from one of the posher supermarkets. i usually rely on the bog standard brown stuff. but this was baking paper and greaseproof combined, like super paper. i loved it. but its february now and i’m back to the plain old brown. its thriftier anyway, the brown paper and the ‘gappy’ method – because you don’t use as much felt.


oh well, the good news is that’s the end of this post. also i’ll be selling garlands at our up and coming spring fair ‘I Heart Bearwood in the Springtime’. sorry if all of these pictures crash your computer or my mad musings have driven you, er…dotty?

billy bunting

I don’t know if you’d picked up on it, (because we haven’t mentioned it much!) but our very own Bearwood Tapestry will be one next week, so we are planning a very special night to celebrate.  It makes me smile when I go back to the posts about that snowy blizzardy night in 2010 when we sat in anticipation alone in the deserted top room of the Bear, each one receiving text after text along the lines of “so sorry girls, really wanted to come, but with this weather…” – and then the doors opened and people poured in.  That first night we had over 30 people DESPITE the snowstorm going on outside, and since then have consistently had 20 – 30 regulars and I reckon over 100 different likeminded crafties over the past year.  We haven’t missed one month yet and such is the vibe in there, I can’t imagine we will.

So in celebration I set about making some “Tapestry” bunting on Thursday night.  The aim was to use very different material for each letter, and I found that in a roundabout kind of way each one reminded me a little of each of our different characters.  Jennie is very understated in her aesthetics, and I think maybe the green is for her.  Rachel is certainly the cupcake queen, so she was easy!  Jayne strikes me as a gingham girl, but I think the wild animal suits her to a “t”!  The orange is a nod to Erin’s Mum’s love of the colour, and I also thought the kooky animals looked a little african in their appearance, which is also a love of Erin’s too.  Nat was easy – the rock chick flames, and the skull and roses sum her up a treat!  For me, I love red, and am a sucker for the Cath Kidston vibe with a twist so I must be S!

The photos aren’t great as I took them on my own at midnight once I’d finished it and my flash is knackered on my camera so I had to try and aim the lamp at them whilst taking the photo…. not ideal, but you get the picture.  The actual flags were made from surplus curtain material donated to me by my work colleague and friend, Helen.

So if you’re in the vicinity next Thursday, do pop in the Bear (come upstairs or you’ll end up watching the football with the scary men of Bearwood) and come and sample some of Rachel’s Flutterby cakes, and if the whim takes you, buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a craftilicious hamper of goodies from the crafty muthas – limited edition goodies one and all!

be there or be a (granny) square x

one week from today…

one week from today...

it’s The Bearwood Tapestry’s first birthday! hope to see you there at the usual place (upstairs at The Bear Tavern) at 8pm. i can’t believe it’s been a whole year… and what a year it’s been.