billy bunting

I don’t know if you’d picked up on it, (because we haven’t mentioned it much!) but our very own Bearwood Tapestry will be one next week, so we are planning a very special night to celebrate.  It makes me smile when I go back to the posts about that snowy blizzardy night in 2010 when we sat in anticipation alone in the deserted top room of the Bear, each one receiving text after text along the lines of “so sorry girls, really wanted to come, but with this weather…” – and then the doors opened and people poured in.  That first night we had over 30 people DESPITE the snowstorm going on outside, and since then have consistently had 20 – 30 regulars and I reckon over 100 different likeminded crafties over the past year.  We haven’t missed one month yet and such is the vibe in there, I can’t imagine we will.

So in celebration I set about making some “Tapestry” bunting on Thursday night.  The aim was to use very different material for each letter, and I found that in a roundabout kind of way each one reminded me a little of each of our different characters.  Jennie is very understated in her aesthetics, and I think maybe the green is for her.  Rachel is certainly the cupcake queen, so she was easy!  Jayne strikes me as a gingham girl, but I think the wild animal suits her to a “t”!  The orange is a nod to Erin’s Mum’s love of the colour, and I also thought the kooky animals looked a little african in their appearance, which is also a love of Erin’s too.  Nat was easy – the rock chick flames, and the skull and roses sum her up a treat!  For me, I love red, and am a sucker for the Cath Kidston vibe with a twist so I must be S!

The photos aren’t great as I took them on my own at midnight once I’d finished it and my flash is knackered on my camera so I had to try and aim the lamp at them whilst taking the photo…. not ideal, but you get the picture.  The actual flags were made from surplus curtain material donated to me by my work colleague and friend, Helen.

So if you’re in the vicinity next Thursday, do pop in the Bear (come upstairs or you’ll end up watching the football with the scary men of Bearwood) and come and sample some of Rachel’s Flutterby cakes, and if the whim takes you, buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a craftilicious hamper of goodies from the crafty muthas – limited edition goodies one and all!

be there or be a (granny) square x

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  1. It is dorgeous Mrs S. Where you find the time between work, sitting for portraits with your Miss Lili and doing this i don’t know. Thanks girlfriend. P.S Is this what i was menat to do but did in minature??? xx

  2. Thanks guys. Kiran I just had a look at your site and I am totally in love with all your pieces! Those enamel flowers are the business and your butterflies look like they could take off any minute. Did you apply for a stall with us in the end? I heart Bearwood in the springtime would definitely benefit from your gorgeous wares! See you Thursday I hope!

  3. Your way way to kind to me, but I’m going to say YAHHHHHHHH cheers I’m dead chuffed. I hate taking pictures I think it’s really hard. I will be popping in for cake and 1yr celebrations with you defo. Oh and I’m such a forgetful so and so I will be posting my form 2moro for sure…what with internet and printer problems it’s just not happened, I wouldn’t want to miss it. I’m afraid I’m going to be hard to get rid of. LOL

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