spotty not grotty

truth be told i’m spotty and pretty grotty but the garlands i’ve been working on lately have not an ounce of grot about them, just lots and lots and lots of spots. i thought i’d show you the process for a bit of a change and to demonstrate how to sew ‘gaps’ using baking paper. do you know what i mean? bear with me, i’m not feeling at my most articulate but i need to get this post out of my draft box because its been taunting me since december.


so i started off cutting out lots of felt circles from my stash of felt. i have loved making these garlands lately because i’ve used lots of felt over the years and keep all but the teensiest tiniest remnants in a large bag in what used to be my dining room. this is the perfect way of making sure those scraps don’t go to waste. for this project (which was for cm ceri’s eldest daughter) i went with a colour theme of pinks, purples and whites but the colour combos are endless, obviously. You could of course buy pre-cut felt circles or other shapes for that matter but a) it’s more expensive b) they’re too uniform for my liking and c) i’m never gonna use up my stash if i keep buying more stuff.

you just tear the paper off the thread. ha ha. love it. you get a double thread that keeps your garland feeling a little bit more robust than it would with a single thread and you end up with a lovely pretty garland. now unfortunately the light has been oh so bad and my camera just seems oh so small when it comes to taking beautiful pictures of garlands and so i’m sharing my inspiration with you. this pic has been all over the internet for ever and i love it.


you’ll notice this garland doesn’t actually have the ‘gappy’ bits. i’ve made garlands since without the gappy bits and i actually prefer them – plus i don’t waste baking paper. i love baking paper. is that weird? especially the white baking paper i got before christmas from one of the posher supermarkets. i usually rely on the bog standard brown stuff. but this was baking paper and greaseproof combined, like super paper. i loved it. but its february now and i’m back to the plain old brown. its thriftier anyway, the brown paper and the ‘gappy’ method – because you don’t use as much felt.


oh well, the good news is that’s the end of this post. also i’ll be selling garlands at our up and coming spring fair ‘I Heart Bearwood in the Springtime’. sorry if all of these pictures crash your computer or my mad musings have driven you, er…dotty?

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  1. Fab post Jen – I love watching the process even though I’ll never get round to making one! And as for the end product – swoon – I definitely want one of those! Might you be making some in Spring colours for the Spring Fair? If so, bagsie one now ! Jo x

  2. i will certainly be making some in spring colours for ‘i heart bearwood in the springtime’ some felt, some made from recycled plastic bags (a post to follow on that) maybe some paper. so line up line up, saturday 9th april, put it in your diary. jenx

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