Bunting Mania

So here I am, ultra chilled listening to the new Arcade Fire album with my new sewing machine out. 
I have to blog about this momentous occasion in my crafty life as i have never really made anything but squares on my sewing machinE, well one square, a cushion for my husband. 
So i decided to move onto other shapes…triangles.  I actually managed to cut out 20 Triangles of the same size, which in itself is astonishing to me, sewed em up and  the finished result is my first set of Gingham bunting.  I am so happy with myself.  So happy I went onto a famous auction site, and bought twenty quid’s worth of Gingham to make metres and metres of bunting…i have a bit of a thing for Gingham, and bunting so how can i go wrong….shoot to a month later … I AM SICK TO DEATH OF BUNTING….AND GINGHAM…..NEVER I SAY.
I have made other things in the last couple of months since the frenzy of our handmade christmas in Bearwood, but was so relaxed that i forgot to take pictures.  So i hunt down said items, photograph and post on my next blog.
I hope the first 2 months of 2011 have been fabulous for you all, and we will see you at either the next Tapestry in march or at our Spring Fair on April 9th…..Nat xxxx


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