come and see what I’ve been up to…!

well although I made an early start on stock for my stall at our Spring Fair (9th April people – 10 – 4 at St Mary’s Church, Bearwood!), I was still starting to panic about not having much actually, well, finished.  So this morning, after an abortive attempt at the gym (it was closed for refurbishment *sigh*!) I wrestled my sewing machine out from under the stairs and attempted to finish the little bucket bags I had started for pseudo easter baskets.

  I am really pleased with how they’ve turned out, and they hold quite a bit but are dinky enough to be cute.  They are all fully reversible, so for photo effect here I have only left one blue one the right way out so you can marvel at the delightful linings!  Apart from the one with bunnies in frames on, the others all have an image appliqued onto the front of a plain blue, and are lined in the wild retro green (a 70s duvet cover!), or deckchair seersucker stripes.  I still have some gorgeous fabric with Mabel Lucie Attwell vintage style postcards of chubby children on, so I may make another couple using those as appliques as they are so “tute!*”. (*abstract German reference there as “Tute” is a word for bag…as well as being what my smallest daughter used to say when she meant “cute” – do you see what I did there?!)

  The bibs were because I am digging birds so much at the moment, and the pattern worked out so well when I made one for Tillie last year.  I am thinking of doing a couple more in some pastel-y spring type shades too… and potentially backing them in felt so I can stuff some and make slightly squishy toys rather than the bibs, as they are more for comedy photo value than practicality…!

  The necklace I knocked up in minutes once I’d opened the parcel from ebay and decided I could probably just add some beads to the frame.  Again, it’s feeding my obsession with birds but it’s super sweet and totally wearable!  I will definitely be making more of them for the fair.  I’ve also made some really kitsch and vintage looking resin jewellery using chrysathemum-shaped resin cabuchons, which I am LOVING dahling!  I have got a pair of simple stud earrings in black, turquoise, red and purple, and love them so much!  Now my necklace bails have arrived and the hair grip blanks, so I shall be making another date with arald(ite) soon to make some more, and have just received the pale green, washed out orangey-red, lilac, pale pink and cream ones so my stall will be “blooming” brilliant come 9 April!

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  1. meant to say, the pink beads are dyed jasper, and the turquoise ones are, well turquoise, although that actual one has been given as a gift already! Will make some more though, as they feel lovely and cool and weighty on

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