my magic faraway tree house


so this is what i’ve been obsessing over for the last few weeks. this is why i haven’t been blogging much and why my eyesight is getting worse by the day. i’ve taken to embroidering treehouses. in a sort of pathological way, to the detriment of everything else around here. i knew i wanted to make something different and special for the upcoming ‘i heart bearwood in the springtime’ fair and when i saw some other examples of embroidered hoop art (that’s what i’m calling it) on the net i knew i wanted to do something along those lines. i started off by getting a whole load of vintage embroidery hoops from the US.  i tried to get them here, but failed miserably, because i really wanted old, used hoops with character. if anyone knows where i can get more locally do let me know won’t you. then i used some pure white muslin fabric and started sewing. i tried a few different designs, and i’ll get around to showing you those at some point, but then i watched the beautiful and enthralling BBC series Human Planet and inspiration came to me immediately. the particular episode featured the Korowai tribe in West Papua building a high-rise home 35 metres up in the tree tops. after the programme finished i could think of nothing but treethouses and by lunchtime the next day i had this finished. 


i’ve made quite a few since and i just find them so magical but at the same time very comforting.  treehouses rule. 


a word about my drawing and embroidery skills (!?). i’ve never really drawn much before but knowing i was going to stitch over the sketch gave me confidence for some reason. i deliberately chose a plain black thread, not embroidery thread. i wanted someting a bit nubby and i really wanted the stitches to look a bit haphazard (honest) like i was sketching with the needle and thread.  i wanted to get away from a traditional intricate style of embroidery and make something more contemporary looking.  the trees and houses are purely from my imagination and i haven’t tried to capture a realistic image just my own magic faraway treehouse. you see – i’m still obsessing. i’ll just go and stand in a quiet place for a while. back soon.

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