Pillow Lurve

Finally I have grabbed myself a quick 5 minutes to put up a blog before i get my weakened bleeding fingers back to the sewing machine….bit of an over exaggeration there, but only a bit.

  So here are a few of the things I have been beavering away at for the last couple of weeks, the first pic is wedding present for a gorgeous friend of mine who it getting married this coming Saturday…a bit bloody inconsiderate, doesn’t he know we have our Handmade Fair the week after…pah.

  I love the toilet people frame, it has a map on their bodies of where both the bride and groom are from originally, quite cute to hang up in their toilet, so every time they are there they can think of me….hang on……

  My cushions are well lush, got the sweet Japanese Little Red Riding Hood print of a famous auction site, and it looks soooo cute, got myself a bit of Cath Kidson fabric to do my heart cushions and just random remnants for the bunting ones, i just love them, and have loved doing them, although have developed a slight bend in my spine from all of the bending over the sewing machine night after night.

  They cushions will be for sale at the spring fair along with some other things that frankly i haven’t got time to take pictures or blog about….must dash, see you on the 9th April. xxx



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