Bearwood Tapestry in June

another lovely evening with some inspiring local crafties down the pub!

Having missed the last two (through Easter hols and sickness) I was determined not to miss this one, so with hubby being away, I organised myself a babysitter and shimmied on down t’Bear, passing the enticing beats of Bear Rhythms and the offer of free tequila from new eaterie Monalito.

Great to meet so many fascinating new bods and see what everyone was up to.  Quite a few new peeps along tonight who just came to chat and see what everyone else was up to, so am looking forward to seeing what they bring in July (especially the upholstery lady!).  There is an increasing interest amongst our number in actively increasing the selling side of what we create, and I had with me tonight a new magazine called “Craftseller” – a bit like Ronseal – it does exactly what it says on the tin!  There is a good article about selling on etsy in there, which might be useful for complete novices, like myself.  I imagine you can pick up a copy in Smiths – the second edition is not due out til end of August.

The last photo is of the bracelet I made tonight – it’s a present for my sister’s birthday in a couple of weeks, and is a complete Tapestry creation – including “gifted” elements from Clare, Helena and Amanda, plus knowledge, nail varnish and brute strength from all four of us too!  Nini loves jade, and it also features something that makes her smile “a owl” (also to make Kate giggle!) – bought when she and I had a fabulous weekend away in Brighton earlier this year from a bead shop in the Laines called “Kerrie Berrie” – how apt that it features my name (ish) and is run by sisters!

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  1. Thanks for the link to Kerrie Berrie… I’ve been looking for some charms for my scrapbooks, so was able to order a few this morning 🙂

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