a owl

more owls.  Am loving their little chops at the moment, and the first one I sketched look way too much like Jennie’s sleeve felt ones, so I flattened his bottom out and curved the outline a bit more, while trying to keep it simple.  Simplicity is the key to printing you see, I have discovered.

I have been using foam to create these stamps, as I needed the detail right, and found the carving a little tricky to be precise.  I will be doing limited edition I (heart) Bearwood tote bags and babygros at the picnic in the park, and I am loving how the printing is coming out.  In addition I have done a few little owls on onesies and T shirts, and the girls were keen to join in the crafting while we let Daddy have a lie in on Father’s Day.  Given the hangover I was nursing and lack of sleep from the night before, this was mighty generous of me…..

Lula’s sparkly gold owl on a bright pink top was a good choice for the 4 year old!  It looks so cool, and she was determined to paint the beak and eyes herself too, which she did a pretty good job of.  Lil’s T shirt looks fab with the dandelion clock stamp I made at Francine’s workshopa couple of weeks ago – we did it first in lime green, but for some reason it didn’t take very well, so she tried again on top with a blue, and the overstamping created a wicked colour effect.  Well done crafty ladies!

Now, what else can I stamp?  Need more inspiration…..

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