the grass isn’t greener, there’s just grass everywhere

the grass isn't greener, there's just grass everywhere

it’s late and i’m tired (you can tell by that mad title) but i’ve been meaning to write this for a while and if i keep waiting for the right time it’ll be too damn late and the moment will have just passed. so…i’ve set up my own blog and a folksy shop. how. exciting. and scary. and delusional. instead of writing loads here about it why don’t you pop over to the site ( and you can read about what, when, why, how and please feel free to say hello, start following, find me on twitter etc. there’s a link from the blog to my folksy shop and i’ll hopefully be selling on etsy too in the future. i just want to say though, that i am feeling much love for my crafty muthas and rest assured dear reader – i will not be deserting this blog. i’ll be popping on by with my makes as ever and keeping you up to date with details of future craft fairs.

the grass isn't greener, there's just grass everywhere

which brings me on neatly to our next big thing. it is the warley woods annual picnic/party in the park on sunday 17th july and we’ll have three delicious tables of handcrafted loveliness for you. so put the date in your diary. more details to follow soon….and i best get making!


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