Well i am sitting here feeling a bit sorry for myself, as i am of work poorly, and so i am writing a long overdue blog.
I have been busy celebrating my birthday, my son’s birthday and organising my daughters birthday, so my craftiness has been quite minimal.

The first pictures are of a set of bunting i made for my friend Octavia.  She lives in London and after a few life changing events has decided to take the plunge an open her very own cake/music/rock and roll cafe in Hackney.  As you can see the shop will be called Cakey Muto.  I loved the little skull fabric, and decided to team it with traditional pink gingham.  it looked great hanging up and tave seemed happy with it, so that’s all good.  So if your in the Hackney area, look Cakey muto up and go have a cuppa and a cupcake whilst no doubt listening to some good music. (and check to see if she had my bunting up)……

The hearts are my new little favourites to make, I love them, i love all of the colurs and of course the leapord skin fabric is ace.

Hope to see you at the party in the Park.  Off to drink lemsip and sleep now…..love nat xx

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  1. Thanks both for the kind comments, and Mel, i do take commissions. Do you have anything in mind?Nat x

  2. Mel, are you on facebook? or call me on 0121 429 7396 and we can sort out over the phone. Should not be a problem though. x

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