owls on film

Hello. Pleased you could stop by. You find me very tired, somewhat distracted by two small children describing in detail the pictures they are happily drawing, and both excited and a little anxious about our next craft sale. We are once again pleased to be participating in the Warley Woods tenth annual Picnic in the Park on Sunday 17th July. It all starts around 1pm and we’re just hoping the rain (and wind – wind is our nemesis) holds off. We are all keen visitors to the park all year round and it really is a pleasure to take part in this great family day that has become a wonderful tradition in Bearwood. 

Now, I know I’ve posted a lot of owls on this old blog in the past. But in honour of the Warley Woods event I thought I’d give you a whole parliament (it’s the collective noun for a load of owls) of the wise creatures. They surely couldn’t do a worse job of running the country than Westminster’s current incumbents and they are just so darn cute too. Big thanks to CM Erin for taking the photos and suggesting I make a little film. I’ve posted this up on my website too and plan to put the owls in my Folksy shop shortly. Unless I sell them all at the weekend of course. (She crosses fingers and looks at the sky)

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