i love bearwood

no, I really do!

Although I wasn’t born here, nor raised anywhere near here, I have lived here for the longest I have lived anywhere in my life, and it is where I have chosen to raise my own family.  I had a rather nomadic childhood, never staying in one place longer than the first six years of my life – and no, there is no truth in the rumour that my Dad was “Jones the Cat Burglar from Cwmaman”!

Bearwood is ace – I like to think of it as the place creative people move to if they can’t afford to buy in Moseley and Kings Heath (ie true artists, who if not quite living “hand to mouth”, more “neelams kebab to mouth”…).  There is an amazing amount of creative talent in Bearwood, and we aspire to great things.  Just cast your mind back a few years to the wonder of Atticus, sitting alongside Room to Play, Harwood Studios and the Cherry Tree, and Fazey Days around the corner from We Are Mud and Crafty Corner.  Suddenly you felt like something was going on, and we were on the up – you could indulge your creative side, whilst sipping posh coffee and having a slice of cake!  Sadly the people of Bearwood could not get their collective arse together and sustain these exciting ventures (maybe as a target demographic we were just too poor, too busy, or it was just the wrong time with the recession coming), and now only mud and the cherry tree remain.  Monalito has risen from the ashes of Bellaluna and before that Antonios, and with it Bear Rhythms, which seems to be capturing people’s imaginations, and I wish them well.  Bearwood Promoters have their first gig lined up for Sunday 31st July in Lightwoods Park, so come along and cheer on local talent, or get yourselves along to our very own Bearwood Tapestry in the Bear upstairs room on the third Thursday of every month.

Which brings me neatly to the reason for this post, before I wander off at such a tangent I walk up the wall…  THE date in all Bearwoodians’ diaries is for theWarley Woods Picnic in the Park, which is this very Sunday, 17th July from 1pm. Do come along for an afternoon of local music, stalls, face painting, and of course the Crafty Muthas’ stall.  Do pray for dry, calm weather too, won’t you?

I have been busy crafting til late in the night (is there any other way? especially when you work practically full time, have 2 young children and an insatiable appetite to find new things to learn to make?!) in readiness, and below are some examples of what I will be selling.  I have resurrected my I heart bearwood logo which debuted last summer at the picnic in the park, and have created some stamps, using skills I learnt at the Creative Open Workshop in St Marys.   I was then able to hand stamp shopping tote bags (limited run of 10!), some babygros and have designed a very sweet “owl and the pussycat” design which I haven’t taken a photo of yet.  Also pictured are my new palette of Julie Walters felt dahlias for the weekend – subtle shades of pinks, coral, turquoise, blue and a very stylish and never done before black!  Complementing these in my garden I have some kanzashi blooms which can be worn on a pin or a hair clip, hand made from fabric my sister brought me back from Hong Kong, alongside some kooky skulls and roses fabric.  Get them while they’re fresh!

In other blonde moments this week, I also refreshed my I heart bearwood badge, to create one to celebrate the fact it is the 10th anniversary of the picnic this year, but in my doziness created a wood with 3 trees, spelling out 100…. so in a spin Alistair Campbell would be proud of, this number now represents how many of these limited edition button badges will ever be available! So come along on Sunday and grab a piece of Bearwood history for £1!

I will also have loads of jewellery – plenty of button and roses earrings, necklaces and hair clips, plus some rather exclusive plastic shrinkie jewellery – including a very pleasing Bearwood bracelet featuring photos I have taken of some of my favourite sites around Bearwood.  See if you have others you’d have included! Or come place a commission for your own personalised one.

whatever you do, don’t sing before Sunday, or if you do, bring your pac-a-mac and I’ll blame you if it rains x

8 Replies to “i love bearwood”

  1. fantastic post ceri. big up bearwood. love the dahlias and the kanzashi pins particularly and once again i am amazed at the sheer number of projects you manage to complete.

  2. Great post, I love Bearwood too! Like you I didn’t grow up in Bearwood or even Birmingham but have raised my family here. Feeling that creative buzz round here at the moment, thanks in no small part to you wonderful Crafty Muthas and the Bearwood Tapestry. Hoping to mooch on down to the Picnic in the Park and will certainly be checking out your lovely creations on the Crafty Muthas stall. xx

  3. cheers guys! Mutual appreciation coming back atcha Madeline too! Hope to see you Sunday, although the clouds appear to be gathering, so bring your wellies….!

  4. Ooooh 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is a very proud moment… you have put your new-found printing skills to such gorgeous use!! LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to check all your loveliness out on Sunday! 🙂 x

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