wax lyrical

wax lyrical


a little while ago I visited the fold, to do a short batik course with my lovely friend Jo and her best friend helen (it was my birthday treat from Jo, thanks again). we had a truly great day. the fold is an amazing place, set in beautiful countryside, just 3 miles from worcester and malvern.

wax lyrical

our batik course involved applying melted wax to paper, rather than cloth, which is what i suppose most people imagine when you say batik. we were shown how to use the equipment: basically an electric pot warms the wax and you apply it to the paper using various implements. then you paint on your colours and if you want you can get into layering colours and making really quite complicated designs.

wax lyrical

i went in with quite a fixed idea of want i wanted to do. dark, dark, blue on white, with small repeating patterns. i think i was inspired by intricate japanese patterns but i can’t be sure – i just know what i like and i’m drawn to this sort of pattern and colour palette. we broke for lunch while our large sheets of waxed and painted paper sat drying in the sun and ate a gorgeous sunday lunch from the on-site ‘slow’ cafe. slow being the ethos: local, sustainable, organic, wholefood, rather than the speed of the service. returning to the studio we spent the last hour cutting up our paper to make cards. I didn’t cut up all of mine then but brought it all home and whenever i have a spare moment I’ve been cutting it up to make cards. I’ve now actually got a little stash made up, for the first time in years, so I’m not having to do a mad scrabble with the glue stick everytime a birthday comes along.

i came away from the day thoroughly inspired and wanting more. one day i might even get me one of those wax melters because ‘playing’ with melted wax has to be one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon ever. almost as good as sewing.

before i go, on behalf of the other muthas, i just have to say, ceri, we love you, our hearts go out to you and we hope you get some strength from knowing that we are all here for you.


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