all treats, no tricks

Another productive day on the line, here in sunny (yes, VERY sunny!) Bearwood today.

Having hot-footed it to the rag market on Tuesday (save our markets!) to procure some GORGEOUS Hallowe’en-y fabric (isn’t that black and white stripe totally Beetlejuice?!), I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evening making the felt appliqués, so I could start whizzing them up on the machine today.

The orange velvet is so soft and tactile, but of course sheds tiny orange fluff everywhere, and the stripey stuff is jersey, so a cut edge just unravels….!  So, a bit of a ‘trial’ to work with, which is, fact fans, what predictive text offers up as first option if you’re trying to spell “trick”!  Which leads me on to say what a “treat” they all looked hanging on my display cherry blossom tree in the garden in the bright sunlight this arvo!

They are all fully reversible, and padded with wadding, which makes them extra lovely.  So once Hallowe’en is over and the sweets have all been eaten, they are still a lovely little bag for Mum to “borrow” for a night out when turned inside out!

clippy purse love!

The blog has been quite quiet generally over the summer, but in particular I have been absent, for reasons I won’t go into now, as that’s deserving of another post, probably over on my Lili of the Valleys blog so for now I wanted to share with you the fruits of my labours today.

Smallest daughter started reception two weeks ago today, and so my non-work day Thursdays have become even more precious to me, as I now have 6 whole hours to myself! Sweet!  Sadly though the first proper one I had to work, so today has been the first whole stretching-out-ahead-of-you-like-the-tide-at-Weston-Super-Mare day, and I did my best to fill it!

I stumbled across this wonderful tutorial over on u-handbag for their Laundry Day clutch which caught my eye, as I have LOADS of smallish yet stylish fabric in my stash, and being the kinda hoarder I am, I can never throw even little scraps away, so this was a perfect way to use them up.  I bought me some little coin purse frames on ebay (from another Welshie) and some stiff interfacing and super strong Gutermann fabric glue, which serendipitously all arrived yesterday! Hurrah!

I had made my little pattern yesterday from my frame, and so today I cut out some fabric and lining, together with the interfacing, and had a go.  The black fabric one with the funky blooms was my first one, and then it didn’t take me long to knock up the skulls’n’roses and Cath Kidston-esque pale blue with roses on.  The little scottie dogs fabric is a favourite, but it was being discontinued when I got it, so I am coming to the end of my piece.  I was glad to be able to squeeze this little purse out, and finished it off at tea time.

I love them!  So cute and lovely for Christmas presents.  I will be taking them along to Fillongley when Jen and I go to the Fayre there on 16th October.  Off to stand watch over Ebay now as I have bids on some larger ones…..! Such clippy clippy fun!  If it’s good enough for Lola and Lotta, it’s good enough for me! x


I was sad to arrive late and have missed the drawing activity, which looked awesome, but it was good to catch up with all the creative Bearwoodians and those who travelled further.

There was so much inspiration in the room, and I managed to get a couple of rows done on my berry wristwarmers as well as a well-needed drink!

October’s going to be a special meeting – watch this space for more details! x

come fuse with me

come fuse with me

i wrote this post about fused plastic garlands in my blog a while back and then the lovely ladies at c.o.w asked me to run a workshop and I thought it would be a fun evening if we got a number of people in a small room ironing plastic bags….

if you fancy joining me for a bit of supercool upcycling in the fab new workshop space in the jewellery quarter then please do come along next wednesday evening, 14th september. you can get details about booking a spot for this and many other fab workshops here.