clippy purse love!

The blog has been quite quiet generally over the summer, but in particular I have been absent, for reasons I won’t go into now, as that’s deserving of another post, probably over on my Lili of the Valleys blog so for now I wanted to share with you the fruits of my labours today.

Smallest daughter started reception two weeks ago today, and so my non-work day Thursdays have become even more precious to me, as I now have 6 whole hours to myself! Sweet!  Sadly though the first proper one I had to work, so today has been the first whole stretching-out-ahead-of-you-like-the-tide-at-Weston-Super-Mare day, and I did my best to fill it!

I stumbled across this wonderful tutorial over on u-handbag for their Laundry Day clutch which caught my eye, as I have LOADS of smallish yet stylish fabric in my stash, and being the kinda hoarder I am, I can never throw even little scraps away, so this was a perfect way to use them up.  I bought me some little coin purse frames on ebay (from another Welshie) and some stiff interfacing and super strong Gutermann fabric glue, which serendipitously all arrived yesterday! Hurrah!

I had made my little pattern yesterday from my frame, and so today I cut out some fabric and lining, together with the interfacing, and had a go.  The black fabric one with the funky blooms was my first one, and then it didn’t take me long to knock up the skulls’n’roses and Cath Kidston-esque pale blue with roses on.  The little scottie dogs fabric is a favourite, but it was being discontinued when I got it, so I am coming to the end of my piece.  I was glad to be able to squeeze this little purse out, and finished it off at tea time.

I love them!  So cute and lovely for Christmas presents.  I will be taking them along to Fillongley when Jen and I go to the Fayre there on 16th October.  Off to stand watch over Ebay now as I have bids on some larger ones…..! Such clippy clippy fun!  If it’s good enough for Lola and Lotta, it’s good enough for me! x

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  1. cer, the purses look wicked. fillongly here we come. and i have just spent longer than i should have reading your bloody dieting diary on your lili of the valleys blog – which i didn’t know anything about. how is this possible? i mean, i knew it existed but not that you wrote all of that stuff. amazing. xxx

  2. Love those purses Mrs – they are divine! & I didn’t know about your blog either – have bookmarked it now so I can continue with my stalking of the Crafty Muthas! Do you all have blogs now?! Hope to get over to Fillongley – but just as a shopper! x

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