all treats, no tricks

Another productive day on the line, here in sunny (yes, VERY sunny!) Bearwood today.

Having hot-footed it to the rag market on Tuesday (save our markets!) to procure some GORGEOUS Hallowe’en-y fabric (isn’t that black and white stripe totally Beetlejuice?!), I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evening making the felt appliqués, so I could start whizzing them up on the machine today.

The orange velvet is so soft and tactile, but of course sheds tiny orange fluff everywhere, and the stripey stuff is jersey, so a cut edge just unravels….!  So, a bit of a ‘trial’ to work with, which is, fact fans, what predictive text offers up as first option if you’re trying to spell “trick”!  Which leads me on to say what a “treat” they all looked hanging on my display cherry blossom tree in the garden in the bright sunlight this arvo!

They are all fully reversible, and padded with wadding, which makes them extra lovely.  So once Hallowe’en is over and the sweets have all been eaten, they are still a lovely little bag for Mum to “borrow” for a night out when turned inside out!

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  1. You totally need to add a buy it now button to your blog posts… Happy to show you how to do it. Oh and I want one, it will make the perfect birthday present for one of D’s friends.

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