wool + silver chain = mmmmm!

so, my latest obssession…woollen bracelets joined with silver chains!  I stumbled across a tutorial over on craft gossip by crochet clouds, and was entranced!

Apparently Anthropologie do a version for $158 , so of course that made me even more interested!  I eagerly knitted up the little cuffs in the softest orkney angora wool left over from knitting Ysolda Teague berets for me and my sis, and waited patiently for the postman to deliver my ebay-procured chains!  Today they came! Yay!  So I just sat down and threaded the chains through, and added a little wadding to give the bracelet a bit of shape, as it looked quite sad all flat.

Love them! Will be making loads more for our Bearwood Handmade fairs, and have some lovely antique bronze chains too, which I think will look stunning with some of the lilac and green hazy wool I have on the needles now, and I have some black mohair to try out.  Quite fancy some variegated yarns too, so will have a play…

Also included pictures of my paper bunting made from the pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (feels very wrong to slice up a book…) and I have also made some out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and love how it looks with the gingham ribbon.  On a gingham theme, here’s a little bag I made for a commission this week, following my post on the Hallowe’en trick or treat bags! Cute as a cupcake!  On the Trick or Treat bags, I have been busy making chocolate fudge with cranberries (“Blood and Gore”), fudge with mini marshmallows (“Buried Ghosts”) and “Melted Witches” (deserving of their own post later in the week…!), together with little bags of shop-bought treats “Eye of Bat and Tongue of Newt”, and am going to sell my bags with contents to include some sweets, a couple of glowsticks and a little book for the wee uns.  Have been busy making hallowe’en hairclips but not taken photos of them yet, so may try and squeeze in another post later this week (get me!).  night all x

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  1. Lovely, lovely stuff. The bracelets are looking great, I do like a bit of "fiber" jewellery. Seems like you’re fully embracing the Halloween season! That fudge sounds delicious.Madeline x

  2. thanks girls! Yes Mel, yesterday was slightly mental, with having to come home from work and take Lula swimming, then do Lili’s homework with her, and make their tea, then go back into work to do a presentation, and back home for bedtime!! So Lil and I sat down and bagged up my trick or treat sweets for Sunday, and after she went to bed I sat down with me wine and new silver chain to have a go at completing those bad boys! And Madeline, yes the fudge is rather yummy – we have been sampling the cut off edges!

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