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  1. Hi just wondered if there were any stalls left for December 3rd? I live in Bearwood and am a fellow crafter making bespoke handmade bridal and special occasion jewellery?

  2. hi debbie, i responded to you facebook message but just thought i’d respond here too. we have no stalls left i’m afraid but do keep in touch because i’m sure we’ll be organising more fairs in the future. why don’t you join the bearwood tapestry facebook page – there’s info and links under the navigation section at the top left of this page. that way you’ll always know what’s happening. cheers.

  3. Hi there,I came on Saturday and bought a bag for my 9-month old niece; she’s gonna totally rock it! :o)I just want to add, though, that I found it hard to find because I am not from the area and I *think* the Post Code of "B67 5HD" is incorrect on the poster/advert above. Looking at GoogleMaps, St.Mary’s Church and Acupuncture Clinic that are both close by on that side of the corner of that St. Mary’s Street are "B66 4BX". On the opposite side of the street is "B67 5DG", so it’s easy to see where the confusion has arisen."B67 5HD" seems to be a mile or so away, if it even exists.Great event, though, and there’s lots of really creative people out there. BRAVO!Wx

  4. Wayne, it’s kind of a spooky coincidence that you’ve made this comments because i was just this moment chatting to jennie on the phone about the post code confusion! a gentleman mentioned it to me on the day of the fair (was it you?)i thought what i’d do in the next couple of weeks is write a blog post with some photos of the church explaining a bit more clearly where the church hall is and how to find it…thanks so much for the feedback! i’m so happy you enjoyed the day at Bearwood Handmade 🙂

  5. Ah ha! Yes, that was me :o) The guy with the HUGE bag and the liking for you red Fox print. It’s my name after all :o)I had a lovely time there, and will come to the next with a better Christmas list…:o)Wx

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