L.O.V.E. Handmade Bearwood!

well you can see from the photos that I don’t have the photographic or staging skills of some of the utha muthas, but in a stolen ten minutes before the mad school run I have quickly snapped a selection of my creations to give you an idea of what you can expect from Lili of the Valleys Emporium (or L.O.V.E.) tomorrow at Handmade Bearwood.

I lack the ability to focus on just one thing, so have been frantically making my Julie Walters Dahlias, fabric baskets, DS cosies, mini bucket bags, larger bucket bags and one oversized tote, alongside my handknitted lovelies and some slightly more upmarket jewellery….  In addition you will also find my wool and silver chain bracelets, a clutch of slippy purses, a sprinkling of organza and kanzashi blooms, a Bearful of I Heart Bearwood badges, bags and babygros, a handful of pencil rolls, oodles of button and stud earrings and hair slides, some odd bits of scrabble and shrinkie plastic jewellery, handmade Christmas cards and probably something else I’ve temporarily forgotten!

So do swing by and admire our avalanche of handmade paper snowflakes on Saturday – and please come back on 3rd December to see what further delights Bearwood has to offer.

LOVE Bearwood.  LOVE Christmas.

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  1. ok will you just admit that t and l aren’t your daughters but are in fact two child slaves who makes all of this stuff while you relax with a pint of cider watching re-runs of doctors. i cannot accept that you manage to make this much while holding down a responsible, almost full-time job and bringing up two children and supporting a hard-working husband. how? how?

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