on a roll

what, no posts for 2 months then 3 come along at once? I await the bus comparisons….

Having added and added to my bead stash on and off over the past few months, I was keen to have a delve and see what inspired me on this cold cold winter’s evening.  The first thing that caught my eye were some ceramic heart shape beads I had in red and in a soft green.  I had also recently acquired some headpins with flowers and stars on the end, so I had a play around with these and some lustred acrylic beads, and knocked up these little loveheart earrings on sterling silver fish hook wires.  I quite like them as they catch the light a treat too – very Valentine’s Day!

Suitably fired up, I dug deeper and came across the most BEEEYOOTIFUL green beads.  I have had them quite some time in my box of tricks – like some kind of demented magpie, I hoard gorgeous looking things with no idea of what I shall make with them… And so I can’t remember exactly what they are now, but the delectable name “malachite” is niggling at the back of my mind, so it might be that.  That name reminds me of “Angela’s Ashes”… I digress (I am VERY tired!). They have the shimmering emerald gleam of a dragonfly’s body in the heat of summer.  I would love a dress in this colour. Mmmmmm.

I can’t remember what type of gemstone the pale milky stone is either, but I loved them together, and it made me think of a mist hovering above the water as the dragonfly darted about.

So I thought I’d share them with you before I dragged myself up to bed, even if only to say I have begun to make inroads into the horrifically abundant bead stash….before the order I placed in the sale today arrives!

night night x

inspiration on the doorstep

I am pretty lucky to work in a beautiful old building right in the heart of the city.  It does have its drawbacks (unpredictable temperatures, the temptation of being a stone’s throw from the shops and my inability to not purchase things, having to fight through the hordes of Christmas shoppers at the Frankfurt Christmas market drinking their Gluehwein while I try to get back to my desk *sigh*) but on the plus side I am sitting almost exactly below the Leonardo da Vinci drawings, beautiful Japanese textiles and the Anglo Saxon horde, even if it takes me til the end of the exhibition run to actually make it up the stairs to see them…

I have spent the past two months sitting at my desk, wistfully glancing out the window at the door of the Gas Hall opposite, pining to go into the Lost in Lace exhibition.  I finally made it just before Christmas and was blown away by the beauty of the exhibits.  Creations fashioned from wool, paper, crystals, metal and plastic, all inhabiting the magical openwork properties associated with lace.  I took some snaps with my phone camera, which I will attempt to attach here, but I am sure they won’t do it justice…  The shadows cast, and the way the light bounced off the faceted crystals was mezmorizing – LOVED it!

And then the other cold morning as I reluctantly trudged to the office, I spotted a piece of yarnbombing on the handraill leading up to the museum and art gallery entrance – signed off by one Jeremy Needle!  So beautiful, I stopped to take a snap!  And lo, it wasn’t there the next morning, so I am glad I did!

Finally, my little lamb was a sheep in her nativity, which presented the thrown-down gauntlet of costume making!  Not to give in to a shop-bought costume, I acquired the requisite fluffy fabric and set to it – slightly too much padding (a pillow, cut in half!) later, and she was ready for her baaa-ig moment in the limelight!  However when she sat down it was shoved up to under her nose…! Fashion, darling.  We have to suffer for our art.

Bearwood Handmade 2012

The exciting news is that we’ve announced the date of the first Bearwood Handmade of 2012. Our Spring event will take place on Saturday 10th March, just in time for Mother’s Day and Easter. Even if you just fancy treating yourself or a loved one, we guarantee to bring you a unique range of lovely products from local artisans, all handmade with the sort of care and attention to detail you just don’t find on the high street. We’re expanding this fair by opening up a second room so there’ll be up to 30 tables of jewellery, art, cakes and accessories.We’ll be posting more details as soon as we have them so keep watching this space. In the meantime we’ve got the 2nd anniversary of The Bearwood Tapestry to plan in February. We’ll get round to some general blogging at some point too! It’s going to be a fabulous couple of months. We hope you can join us.