Bearwood Handmade 2012

The exciting news is that we’ve announced the date of the first Bearwood Handmade of 2012. Our Spring event will take place on Saturday 10th March, just in time for Mother’s Day and Easter. Even if you just fancy treating yourself or a loved one, we guarantee to bring you a unique range of lovely products from local artisans, all handmade with the sort of care and attention to detail you just don’t find on the high street. We’re expanding this fair by opening up a second room so there’ll be up to 30 tables of jewellery, art, cakes and accessories.We’ll be posting more details as soon as we have them so keep watching this space. In the meantime we’ve got the 2nd anniversary of The Bearwood Tapestry to plan in February. We’ll get round to some general blogging at some point too! It’s going to be a fabulous couple of months. We hope you can join us.

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