you don’t bring me flowers…

…so I’m going to get one for myself from that nice crafty mutha at Bearwood Handmade in two (eek!) weeks’ time!

Am celebrating the milder weather this week (even had washing on the line today – imagine!) and embracing the onset of spring with an appreciation of all new blooms.  Firstly, my lovely friends Stephen and Liz welcomed their gorgeous daughter Emily into the world this morning (congrats you guys!).  Better concentrate on finishing that baby blanket….

And much less impressively, my bunch of felt Julie Walters dahlias has expanded as of the arrival of my new glue sticks this afternoon!  8 so far, but I also have some lovely pale grey, a deep purple, turquoise and airforce blue chalked and ready to go.  I love making these bad boys, but they are awfully time consuming.  Each petal is cut by hand and glued with fabric glue (I use mini pegs to hold them together overnight to make sure they are secure).  Then I prepare the base and assemble with the hot glue gun, working fast and burning my fingers a lot!  Finally I handstitch the backs on together with a brooch pin, and sometimes glue a hair clip too, cos they are a great statement hairpiece, on long or short hair.  The yellow, pale pink and lime green in the photo aren’t quite finished yet – I am thinking brown felt centre on the yellow to make it a sunflower rather than a dahlia, and maybe a bead or button in the centre of the other two.

Also in progress are a whole bunch of organza blossoms, so far in shades of deep and pale blue, and dark and bright red.  Photos to follow once they resemble flowers!

I have also been busy crocheting flowers, but am not sure where that is going yet – maybe more brooches or hair accessories, or perhaps a necklace…we’ll see where that takes me.

Can’t stop – there’s only two weeks til the fair you know!

Mini bunting for Bearwood Handmade

Okay. I’ve been having some technical problems of late. With my usual computer set-up out of action I’ve been struggling to get a borrowed iPad to talk to my mobile phone or camera and I’d sort of given up on taking pics of my crafty makes. There’s nothing of the mini matchbox monsters I made as Christmas pressies for the kids. No pics of the seasonal sweet treats, that this year included crispy peanut butter balls. There might be a dark photo of the ‘cwtch’ cushion I made for our lovely Ceri’s 40th – cwtch being the Welsh for hug, sort of. Even Scout’s 5th birthday was mostly missed in terms of a photographic record, though she milked a couple of parties out of it without any trouble. Then I saw Nat briefly this morning and she was very happy, having posted about some of her recent makes and so I came home, determined to sort out this techy conundrum. And I seem to have cracked it. And here is the proof. What you’re looking at is some half made mini bunting. I started making it by snipping tiny little triangles (about 3cm). I fetched a tea towel to help iron all of the little scraps and as it was striped I used it to lay out a sort of order for my triangles. I’ve made lengths of about two and a half metres and finished them off with beaded loops at each end. Of course, I have no photos of them. But I’ll get snapping soon. And keep making. Because that Bearwood Handmade date is looming.

Music to my ears

My name is Nat and it has been at least 2 months since my last confession of craftiness….

So it is now Feb and luckily inspiration hit about a week before we decided to do our next craft fair so i am feeling pretty smug and happy with myself.

My daughter recently started having piano lessons and it got me a thinking about sheet music, so i got myself a load of vintage sheet music from a local shop and a wicked stash from a gorgeous little book shop on our recent Crafty Muthas tour to Chipping Campden and got me a making.  I wanted to do some cards for Valentine’s day which i cleverly sold without taking photo’s, but they were hearts sewn onto the cards with the sewing machine, same as the flower ones in the pictures.  I love them.

I am also making other treats out of the sheet music but they are not finished yet so will post later about those.  I am also going to start collecting the front artwork of the music to paper my bathroom with, how lush is it?????

I made a lovely cushion for my friend Christina for her birthday.  She is mad about retro fabrics and her house is like stepping into a 1940’s timewarp, so found this Michael Miller fabric online and knocked this little badboy up for her, she was very pleased indeed.  I also found some dorgeous Little Red Riding Hood fabric so will make some more cushions out of this for my stall.

Right off in the snow to drop the kids off, get some more ribbon and bias binding and get my ass on the sewing machine…oh i do love my Fridays.

See you on 10th March. xxxxx



 Love Nat

Bearwood Handmade Spring 2012

we were all sitting in a pub the other week (as you do) talking about the upcoming spring fair (5 week away!!). ideas were being bounced around for the flyer… and boy did we need to get that designed quickly. i had a week… so the following day i got to sketching. and sketching. and sketching… and i eventually came up with this:

Bearwood Handmade Spring 2012

all the classics are included: bunting, buttons, blossoms, a banner, and a bear (oh my!)… and a couple of squirrels for good measure.

Bearwood Handmade Spring 2012

this time i thought i’d include a map on the back, so we could be found tout de suite… and i made doubley sure that the post code was indeed correct this time (oops), for any sat nav users.

now… i suppose it’s time i thought about making crafty things to sell… i did say 5 weeks, right? 5 weeks!!