Mini bunting for Bearwood Handmade

Okay. I’ve been having some technical problems of late. With my usual computer set-up out of action I’ve been struggling to get a borrowed iPad to talk to my mobile phone or camera and I’d sort of given up on taking pics of my crafty makes. There’s nothing of the mini matchbox monsters I made as Christmas pressies for the kids. No pics of the seasonal sweet treats, that this year included crispy peanut butter balls. There might be a dark photo of the ‘cwtch’ cushion I made for our lovely Ceri’s 40th – cwtch being the Welsh for hug, sort of. Even Scout’s 5th birthday was mostly missed in terms of a photographic record, though she milked a couple of parties out of it without any trouble. Then I saw Nat briefly this morning and she was very happy, having posted about some of her recent makes and so I came home, determined to sort out this techy conundrum. And I seem to have cracked it. And here is the proof. What you’re looking at is some half made mini bunting. I started making it by snipping tiny little triangles (about 3cm). I fetched a tea towel to help iron all of the little scraps and as it was striped I used it to lay out a sort of order for my triangles. I’ve made lengths of about two and a half metres and finished them off with beaded loops at each end. Of course, I have no photos of them. But I’ll get snapping soon. And keep making. Because that Bearwood Handmade date is looming.

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  1. Sorry you’re still having technical difficulties, hope you get it sorted soon. The bunting is looking very cheery – Spring must be just round the corner?! xx

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