4 days to go…

…and I’m burning the midnight oil again in a bid to finish off the multitude of projects I want to bring along to Handmade Bearwood on Saturday!

Having spent many a joyous evening half watching a film with Mr S whilst simultaneously singeing organza circles over a tealight to create petals for my organza blooms, the real tricky bit came with assembling them and trying to decide on centres for them.  I carefully stacked them all with loose beads inside, then turned around and the singed edges of a few caught my clothes, catapulting the beads all over the hard floor and under the sofa…!  Ah well.

An enjoyable evening with top notch company last night (plus a super special belated birthday present – thanks so much!!!) meant I could sew quite a few of them together.  I think they look quite delightful en masse, and I have some gorgeous pale brown shot with purple, and some deep burgundy ones still to sew together, so I think my garden will look quite colourful in the end…

I am presenting them all on luggage tags this time, and have happily stamped away this evening, carrying the theme on to my paper bags.  All Crafty Mutha creations are, naturally, “smutha’d with love”!

And finally I had great fun experimenting with my new stamps and fabric paints on Sunday evening – I am loving the little doll, and the rocket and skull rock too!  Of course my cherished “I heart Bearwood” babygros and totes will also be on display, all can be made to order.  These all need a jolly good press with a hot iron to fix the ink and iron out the wrinkles, so forgive their crumpled state…Me and the iron, we don’t see much of each other these days, so liberating it from its understairs prison will be an experience.

OK, back aching now…bed calling….

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