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I’m crafty, right? And a mutha? So, with the summer (ha!) holidays not too far off I thought I’d post about a little project my 5 year old has been obsessing over. She had an Egyptian themed craft book for her birthday in January and hadn’t paid it too much attention, but with big brother studying ancient Greece at school I think she finally fancied a piece of the ancient civilisation action.
And so, one afternoon after school, we got very excited about this neck collar project. Until we realised we had to paint a piece of white cotton with watered down PVA and leave to dry. Aarrggghhh.

Next day, and with a nicely stiffened piece of fabric we traced a design from the book. At this point I handed over the felt tips to my little colouring robot and barely heard a peep from her for the next few days. Of course, me and big bro couldn’t resist ‘helping’ her every now and then. The PVA, as well as stiffening, makes colours brighter and stops them bleeding so it’s a very satisfying way to use the dreaded felt tips. I think you could make all sorts of fun things using this technique. I have an idea for some lovely geometric pendant type things or maybe animal designs. To make it stay around her neck we just made a few holes and threaded some cord though. Easy.

Finally, I cut up a loo roll tube and the little miss went and freestyled a design of her own to make a couple of arm cuffs. Got to love a cuff. I have a few. Great for giving you some Wonder Woman strength.
While surfing the interwebs the other night I came across this great blog post full of more ideas for creative kids. My favourite is the newspaper fort construction thing. So going to do that at some point.

Right, the muthas have signed up for the Abbey Junior School Summer Garden Party and Art Exhibition on Saturday. That’s this Saturday, 7th July, from 1 til 4.30pm. When I say signed up, I mean I have a blank booking form in front of me. That’ll be my next job then. Bye for now. X


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  1. love the collar and cuffs baby! Such a cool site too – am already making those geometric pendants with polymer clay and gold leaf….in my head! Just need some gold leaf……..

  2. Update: got the gold leaf and made a couple of those geometric pendants over the summer – will post a blog about it soon!

  3. Jen, I have copied this page for my class to look at as part of our English letters unit! Hope you don’t mind. Had to find an entry from one of you that didn’t say arse or mention drinking wine!!!!

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