never felt wetter

Sitting here now in August, watching the rain running in rivulets down the window pane, listening to the kids fighting because they’re cooped up inside, and feeling the bottom 10 inches of my jeans soggy with the rain from the necessary dash to the shops to get milk, I can’t help but reflect on how lucky we’ve been on our two recent mini breaks with the weather.

First week of the holidays we were offered a chance to use someone’s holiday flat in Pembroke – just a mile from my Auntie and Uncle’s.  We swooped on it, and it was a brilliant break, spent mostly on the beach with my cousin’s kids and watching ours frolicking in the waves with body boards.  Only one slightly off colour day, and even that was ok.  I dragged everyone up to Narberth, which was even lovelier than I remembered.  Alongside the iconic Jelly Egg (home of the crocs!), there were plentiful independent shops, boutiques, craft shops, antique and vintage emporium(s?/emporia?), and tonnes of delis and cafes. *sigh*

There was a lovely haberdashers called Cloth and Canvas and in there I bought a bag of oddments of “plarn” from recycled T shirts.  CM Jen has often used this for bracelets and necklaces, and here they had crocheted some into sturdy bags which looked funky.  Not much to do of an evening so I used my time preparing felt dahlia petals – and again on our week away in Porthcawl last week.  At the end of which I had 5 different dahlias ready to assemble.

So yesterday evening, after wrestling the monsters to bed, I sat down with my trusty gluegun and created them.  After swearing I would never use diamante again after the red commissioned bling one I did in July, I had to go back on my word with the black one. I dunno, it just needed a little pizzazz!  Not so much of the burnt fingers this time so maybe this one won’t be the last either Winking smile

I shall be wearing the mossy green one on Friday, in celebration of a special lady, Irene Saunders, whose favourite colour was green, who we sadly lost last week.  C x

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