November’s Bearwood Handmade

November's Bearwood Handmade

We’ve officially opened the Christmas season and cheer with our November Bearwood Handmade Fair. The doors opened at 10am last Saturday to welcome the Bearwood community… and even though it was grey and the skies opened with rain, we still had a very busy day.

I ran around in my usual last minute fashion, taking photographs of all of the beautiful handmade crafts I could see… have a look through and enjoy!

Also, if you see anything you like in the photos and would like to get in touch with the artist, just leave a comment and we can provide more details.


Trial run


Trial run

This is what i am making instead of a christmas cake. I have wanted to try for ages so having a wee practice today. X

Close-Knit in Bearwood

Close-Knit in Bearwood


I’ve been running some very casual knitting classes in the jewellery quarter for about a year now. I call it Close-Knit because I like to think that we’re knitting bonds between us as well as yarn while our needles work away. The classes are very casual and social and fun… and I like to think very affordable, too.

Close-Knit in Bearwood Close-Knit in Bearwood Close-Knit in Bearwood


Now that winter is closing in, I’ve been knitting a lot more… and I was thinking that I’d like to start one of my Close-Knit classes at my house here in Bearwood. Our house was a bit of a fixer-uper and we’ve been renovating it slowly over the last couple of years… we just finished having some work done on the kitchen and it is a perfect place for about 6 people to gather around the table and swap some knitting skills.

Close-Knit in Bearwood

I have some very simple patterns to get you started if you are a beginner. My favourite way to start people off is by knitting a mini triangle… perfect for bunting!

Close-Knit in Bearwood

I’ve also started up a Knit-Along where you can learn to knit some Xmas Baubles. The kit consists of 2 balls of Artesano superwash merino and the pattern.

If anyone is interested in coming to a Close-Knit session, the next one is THIS FRIDAY! November 23 from 10am until 11:30am. It will be here at my house. The cost is £8, or you can buy 4 sessions for £25. Please drop me an email ( erin . power @ gmail . com) for more details and to book in.


Bearwood Handmade November, featuring amongst others…

mother and daughter combos The White Flamingo & Black Horse Gifts,andMeeni & Srappity baggity, Mango Mosaics, Shan Williams & Ann Baldero, Jools Sanderson, Leigh Pipkin, Caroline Davies, Bubblicious SoapsCharlie’s Mom’s Chocolate FactoryOffbeat Girl Designs, Little Red Hen Bakers, Hazel Cooper,Oldschoolretro Kitsch Boutique, Kate DeRight, Helen Valance, Joan & Jill, Christina Murray, Sarah Stanton, Janet Eastwood, Birdie Blue…and of course your very own crafty muthas!

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out and if you’re a stallholder and have a link to your own site I don’t have here, feel free to share it!

See you all next weekend


here come the girls….

hope you like my bevvy of beauties here, all jostling for position on the radiator like a bunch of hens in the loos in front of the mirror in Reflex?!

I love their little personalities, and how they all get on together.  I fancy they have wild parties when we’ve gone to bed – what else could explain them being in different places when I come down, and the miniature cider bottles hidden under the welsh dresser?

After inviting suggestions on Facebook to name these lovely ladettes, I can now announce that from left to right they are to be named Betsy, Demelza, Delilah, Cora and Bo (aka Brian, as she has a geeky crush on Prof Cox!).  I will be thinking a bit more about their various likes and dislikes before they make their appearance at the Bearwood Handmade fair on 24 November, so come and meet them in the *flesh* if you’re popping along.

Also pictured are the reversible fabric baskets which are perfect for nestling your little trinkets in, or loose change, or pegs, or hair clips and bobbles, or … well you get the picture; they’re quite handy.  Warley Woods shop has even got a little selection up there, including the cute one with the doggy button sewn on the side (nod to the dog walkers there…!).

All my fabric creations are sewn up now, so concentrating on the glueing, assembling, packaging and trying to figure out how to make the thrifted display stand I have procured safe and upright in time for next Saturday…answers on a postcard please!

We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere

I have news. I’m so happy to tell you that the little shop in Warley Woods, next to the cafe, is now stocking all sorts of handmade loveliness alongside the bird feeders and golf balls. Including a whole cabinet of Crafty Mutha makes.
Putting my owls in there was a no brainer. They feel right at home. But I’ve also made a few little teeth keepers and some upcycled leather corsages. And a couple of embroidered hoops for good measure.
Nat and Ceri have made some gorgeous jewellery. Pretty earrings, sweet hair clips, rings and Cer’s fabulous Bearwood Bracelet. There’s also original sheet music bunting and garlands from Nat. And Erin has been working her fingers hard on some beautiful knitted Christmas decorations. Fair Isle baubles and cute little trees.
The people at Warley Woods are making a concerted effort to stock some local, handmade goods alongside their regular merchandise and I think this is a really nice idea. Whilst stocking our cabinet I noticed Bearwood Tapestry member and friend of the Muthas, Lise Heeley, also had some of her beautiful jewellery on display too. Of course, the Muthas and Lise will have stalls at our upcoming Bearwood Handmade fairs soon.
Right, talking of The Tap, it’s on tonight. I have a hearty dinner of venison stew to serve up and then a bit of food shopping at The Bearwood Pantry before I head off to our monthly craft social. So I’m off.




Onions onions everywhere

I am standing peeling my last 20k of onions listening to recently uploaded christmas music and feeling pretty good.  This is why my house has a strange aroma but by god it’s begining to look a lot like Christmas xxx

plenty of non-fair crafting….

it’s a busy time of year….there’s no doubt about that.

work is a bitch…craft fairs are looming….and everyone in my immediate family has a birthday looming in an 8 week period (and of course there’s also Christmas!).

so with that in mind I thought I’d take the easy option for smallest daughter’s birthday and buy plenty of plastic crap for party favours and just have a few friends round for tea….oh no, that was just in mind, what actually happened was hiring the local church hall, inviting 30 kids and then making them all a hand decorated biscuit as a favour, hand stamping the thank you tags and making a massive birthday cake! Now I remember!

By the time I had rolled out the chocolate icing for the bears, gone and bought my body weight in chocolate fingers to hide the rubbish job of icing the cake sides, finally completed the Krypton Factor task of putting the square cake tin together and getting my Mum to colour in the gold crowns for the bear biscuits (and not hammer them to flat death), I was actively wishing for plastic crap and a tesco cake….

At the end of the party when everyone went home with biscuit, cake and a glow stick bracelet, I was quietly pleased and delighted to be able to get back on with making stuff for the Bearwood Handmade fairs, which I now have less than two weeks to go until!

Productive crafty muthas meeting tonight on flyering and promotion!

Now to deliver my leaflets and get on with. Oh, and happy birthday, Sweet Tallulah xxx