plenty of non-fair crafting….

it’s a busy time of year….there’s no doubt about that.

work is a bitch…craft fairs are looming….and everyone in my immediate family has a birthday looming in an 8 week period (and of course there’s also Christmas!).

so with that in mind I thought I’d take the easy option for smallest daughter’s birthday and buy plenty of plastic crap for party favours and just have a few friends round for tea….oh no, that was just in mind, what actually happened was hiring the local church hall, inviting 30 kids and then making them all a hand decorated biscuit as a favour, hand stamping the thank you tags and making a massive birthday cake! Now I remember!

By the time I had rolled out the chocolate icing for the bears, gone and bought my body weight in chocolate fingers to hide the rubbish job of icing the cake sides, finally completed the Krypton Factor task of putting the square cake tin together and getting my Mum to colour in the gold crowns for the bear biscuits (and not hammer them to flat death), I was actively wishing for plastic crap and a tesco cake….

At the end of the party when everyone went home with biscuit, cake and a glow stick bracelet, I was quietly pleased and delighted to be able to get back on with making stuff for the Bearwood Handmade fairs, which I now have less than two weeks to go until!

Productive crafty muthas meeting tonight on flyering and promotion!

Now to deliver my leaflets and get on with. Oh, and happy birthday, Sweet Tallulah xxx

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