here come the girls….

hope you like my bevvy of beauties here, all jostling for position on the radiator like a bunch of hens in the loos in front of the mirror in Reflex?!

I love their little personalities, and how they all get on together.  I fancy they have wild parties when we’ve gone to bed – what else could explain them being in different places when I come down, and the miniature cider bottles hidden under the welsh dresser?

After inviting suggestions on Facebook to name these lovely ladettes, I can now announce that from left to right they are to be named Betsy, Demelza, Delilah, Cora and Bo (aka Brian, as she has a geeky crush on Prof Cox!).  I will be thinking a bit more about their various likes and dislikes before they make their appearance at the Bearwood Handmade fair on 24 November, so come and meet them in the *flesh* if you’re popping along.

Also pictured are the reversible fabric baskets which are perfect for nestling your little trinkets in, or loose change, or pegs, or hair clips and bobbles, or … well you get the picture; they’re quite handy.  Warley Woods shop has even got a little selection up there, including the cute one with the doggy button sewn on the side (nod to the dog walkers there…!).

All my fabric creations are sewn up now, so concentrating on the glueing, assembling, packaging and trying to figure out how to make the thrifted display stand I have procured safe and upright in time for next Saturday…answers on a postcard please!

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  1. Can’t wait to meet the girls at Bearwood Handmade! I’m designing some dolls as well, but don’t think they will be ready to come out and play with your girls.xx

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