Close-Knit in Bearwood

Close-Knit in Bearwood


I’ve been running some very casual knitting classes in the jewellery quarter for about a year now. I call it Close-Knit because I like to think that we’re knitting bonds between us as well as yarn while our needles work away. The classes are very casual and social and fun… and I like to think very affordable, too.

Close-Knit in Bearwood Close-Knit in Bearwood Close-Knit in Bearwood


Now that winter is closing in, I’ve been knitting a lot more… and I was thinking that I’d like to start one of my Close-Knit classes at my house here in Bearwood. Our house was a bit of a fixer-uper and we’ve been renovating it slowly over the last couple of years… we just finished having some work done on the kitchen and it is a perfect place for about 6 people to gather around the table and swap some knitting skills.

Close-Knit in Bearwood

I have some very simple patterns to get you started if you are a beginner. My favourite way to start people off is by knitting a mini triangle… perfect for bunting!

Close-Knit in Bearwood

I’ve also started up a Knit-Along where you can learn to knit some Xmas Baubles. The kit consists of 2 balls of Artesano superwash merino and the pattern.

If anyone is interested in coming to a Close-Knit session, the next one is THIS FRIDAY! November 23 from 10am until 11:30am. It will be here at my house. The cost is £8, or you can buy 4 sessions for £25. Please drop me an email ( erin . power @ gmail . com) for more details and to book in.


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  1. The baubles are soo sweet. I would love to come along, if only I wasn’t knee deep in craft fair prep. Hope it goes well and hope to come to a close knit

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