Snow is falling….

…and if you’ve got any sense you’ll be having cosy nights snuggled in front of a good film, with a warm mug of cocoa, a big pan of soup bubbling away, and a soft, toasty hot water bottle warming your cockles.


I’ve just decided to catch up a bit with some photos of makes from the end of last year. It all got a bit hectic and what with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram I tend to post photos of stuff all over the place and this poor old Crafty Muthas blog gets neglected. So right now I’m gonna right that wrong.


Here are some pics of some of the hot water bottle covers I made – they were a big hit and half of them sold before they even saw a craft fair, so I may well be making some more for next Christmas.


I tried to use the softest wool I could find, before felting it and adding appliqués – had great fun coming up with different ideas. Which one is your favourite?

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