New Website!!

it’s taken a weeks to sort out… but here we are! today is the fateful day that Posterous is shutting down for good… and with it, our virtual home since October 2009. so welcome to our new virtual home! update your links and we’ll try and get back into the habit of updating our blog. just after we dust off the cobwebs here and get comfortable.


Bearwood Handmade Spring (Winter?) Fair 2013

i can’t believe it’s been over a month since our last humble Bearwood Handmade craft fair. i think it’s just taken a month to get over waking up that fateful Saturday morning and seeing this:

DSCF0295 (Medium)what the…???

i was in denial the night before. we went and decorated the hall, ever the optimistic Crafty Muthas we are (NOT!). snow was falling. stall holders were cancelling… we soldiered on! we talked about calling off the fair… but it was such short notice. i know that it’s our brilliant stallholders that bring the quality to our fair… but really, the fair is all about Bearwood and it’s community. and there was no way of telling the community in time that it was cancelled. i couldn’t bear the thought of people coming to St. Mary’s and not finding us there.

DSCF0318 (Medium)our very brave stallholders setting up. all in shock that we didn’t cancel!

amazingly, we had enough of the stallholders show up and the main hall looked lovely and full and abundant. when the clock chimed 10 o’clock, and we were officially open for business, we were all biting our nails… would we just be sitting on our own all day? just buying each other’s lovely crafts to keep our spirits up? well… we needn’t have worried..

DSCF0355 (Medium)customers!

that was pretty flipping amazing. the snow couldn’t keep Bearwood away. winter may have had returned for march… but it was definitely spring at Bearwood Handmade that day. very heartwarming, indeed.